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Watch Rihanna Slap Michael Cera And Fall Into A Sinkhole In Redband Trailer For ‘This Is The End’

Watch Rihanna Slap Michael Cera And Fall Into A Sinkhole In Redband Trailer For 'This Is The End'

Expect several celebrity cameo appearances in this one.

Rihanna, Kevin Hart, Craig Robinson, and others all feature in the Seth Rogen end of world comedy titled The End Of The World (previously titled The Apocalypse), which stars James Franco (who I’m frankly getting sick of seeing and hope he takes an extended vacation), Rogen, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Craig Robinson, and others. All of them are playing themselves. 

In the movie, while all the above names are attending a party at James Franco’s house, along with many other celebrities, the apocalypse begins.

Sony Pictures is releasing the movie this summer, on June 12, with Seth Rogen making his directorial debut (co-directing alongside Evan Goldberg).

Watch the red-band trailer below:

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This looks hilarious and I can't wait. I hope Kevin Hart has more screen time.


Looks hit and miss with some people I don't really care for. That being said, I'm in. It will have its share of corny jokes, but I'm hoping there's enough laughs to make it worthwhile. I'm sorry to see that Aziz doesn't make it. His character should have replaced Jay Baruchel. Nobody knows who that is and Aziz is easily the funniest person of everyone they showed in the trailer.


Aside from Franco, Jonah, & Rihanna, I'm a fan of every recognizable castmember, so I'll be there. Looks like crazy fun.

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