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Watch Short Psychological Thriller ‘Blink’ (Short Shouts!)

Watch Short Psychological Thriller 'Blink' (Short Shouts!)

I haven’t shared any Short Shouts! in a few days; but here’s one from Nigerian director Tolulope Ajayi, titled Blink, courtesy of our friends at The AfroFuturist Affair.
I’ll say no more… just check it out and unwrap the package yourselves. In a time when we’re frequently calling for out-of-the-box cinema from black filmmakers, you might appreciate the effort:

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The opening scene reminds me of John Singleton's Baby Boy and that guy resembles Lebron James.


Story was interesting and almost good up until 6:00 and everything falls apart from there. Couldn't get past the melodramatic acting – ugh! "Out-of-the-box cinema"??? I don't think so! Was cliche and predictable.

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