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Watch: Trailer For ‘R.I.P.D.’ With Ryan Reynolds & Jeff Bridges Looks Like Some Spooky Summer Fun

Watch: Trailer For 'R.I.P.D.' With Ryan Reynolds & Jeff Bridges Looks Like Some Spooky Summer Fun

In terms of “most anticipated summer movies,” “R.I.P.D.,” a new supernatural action film from Universal that stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, didn’t even chart before today. In fact, we’re not sure we quite understood what it was even supposed to be – it has a primo July 19th release date but very little in terms of pre-release hype, save for a vaguely “Men in Black“-ish teaser poster and a funny/cool name (it stands for “Rest In Peace Department” – love the puns). But with the debut of a full trailer, it looks like “R.I.P.D.” could be one of the sleeper surprises of the summer, promising gobs of goofy, spooky fun.

The trailer sets up the basic premise, which is borrowed from an obscure Dark Horse comic book by Peter M. Lenkov – Reynolds plays a young cop who is killed in duty and then whisked away to a “Beetlejuice“-y afterlife, where he’s reassigned to the Rest In Peace Department, keeping escaped demons and other ghouls from interfering with the human world. He’s partnered with Bridges, who, by the looks of it, plays some kind of old west lawman (we’re not really sure what the rules of time and space are in this vague supernatural situation). “We,” Bridges growls, “are the greatest lawmen that ever lived and died.” 

Cut to: a bunch of gruesome, ripped-from-“Hellboy” monsters, some impressively inky visual effects (we like that the creatures turn into a cloud of ashy smoke), and some truly awesome production design (courtesy of the perennially underrated Alec Hammond). For the most part, it all works. It looks like a hellzapoppin’ amalgam of “Men in Black,” “Hellboy,” “Ghostbusters” and “Constantine,” and while not all of the jokes hit (we’re unsure on the gag about the agents’ human-world disguises), it still looks undeniably cool. Noticeably missing from the trailer: Kevin Bacon as the movie’s big bad.

“R.I.P.D.” was directed by German filmmaker Robert Schwentke, whose first American film, “Flightplan,” was drenched in an admirable style, but who has since coasted through middling studio projects like “RED” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” This looks like he’s stepping things up considerably, and we honestly think that this could carve out a niche for itself amongst all the bigger, more high profile properties on the market this summer. It seems like it’s got just the right amount of spooky and scary and the action sequences look comparably choreographed. Also, put a grizzled wild west Jeff Bridges with anybody and we’ll be there.

Watch the trailer below courtesy of Hey U Guys. The film opens on July 19th (and in the UK and elsewhere on August 30th)


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Oh, my. This looks terrible. I love Jeff Bridges, but I hated this same accent in True Grit — and I still hate it here. It's hard to even understand him sometimes. Not to mention it looks like a rip-off of MIB, Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice. Blah. :(


Wow, so much hate on here, especially for Ryan, I don't understand the negativity and hate. I happen to think Ryan Reynolds is a very talented actor and I am very much looking forward to watching R.I.P.D.


Dear Lord, I thought being late to the party would mean one of us – Mr. Taylor included – would've given props to James Hong's 1 millionth movie role. And what might be Sports Illustrated model Marissa Miller's first (speaking, really?) role. Com'on, stay on the good and fun stuff. All the premable above and the rambling addendums below had no joy…

Alan B

Can someone explain why Reynolds thinks that he will become a star by playing emotionally crippled whiners in CGI spectacles? No one wants to see his emotional sensitivity in tentpoles. Some argue that people don't want to see him period but I do think he has charm and can do well in the right blockbuster vehicle, but he needs to start playing sharper characters that trade on his wit and comic timing – not duds that require the plot to be explained to him every five seconds, "what I am a Green Lantern/dead guy that solves crimes? What? I didn't know the CIA used enhanced interrogation techniques." Reynolds, just play a guy that saves the day, bangs the girl and delivers cool one-liners for once. Speaking of people not finding the right vehicle, I actually thought Schwentke could have delivered a giant hit on the basis of his previous American films. Their scripts are fairly rote, but he always has a clear sense of style and an assured feel for simple, but strange compositions. However, this trailer just feels tonally all over the place, and there is a clear difference between STYLE and PERSONALITY: Schwentke has style, but I am not sure how much personality he really has as a filmmaker. And the film just doesn't look like a $200 million (what the hell is with Reynolds and sci fi films that were way more expensive than they look), and I have a difficult time believing this could recoup its costs, let alone deliver a sequel. And Bacon is in the trailer – he's with Reynolds at the bust, so I assume he will be a cop GONE ROGUE.

Gabe Toro

I would rather juggle vials of Ebola than sit through that trailer again.


Omg is the playlist lost it completely? This looks absolutely horrible. Men in Black? More like Wild Wild West.

oogle monster

Um this looks awful. Also how is Ryan Reynolds still a thing? I'd rather see his wife in a film… which is not to say either of them are talented or exciting.

Also in more exciting news: new Gatsby clips! Pretty good indication of Carey Mulligan's "Daisy" accent… posted over at the Tiffany's youtube page.


You lost me at "a new supernatural action film from Universal that stars Ryan Reynolds"

Does anyone besides little girls consider him watchable??


Holy SHIT this looks terrible.


Oh, hey Men in Black. It's been a while.


did you even try the video before you embedded it? It freezes in the middle every time…


Will watch only for Mary Louise Parker. Love to watch TV Stars on big screen…

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