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WB Chief Says ‘Man Of Steel’ Will Open Door For More DC Comics Superhero Movies; Like?

WB Chief Says 'Man Of Steel' Will Open Door For More DC Comics Superhero Movies; Like?

Speaking of black superheroes… 

Entertainment Weekly published an exclusive interview with Jeff Robinov, president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, in which they discussed the upcoming Man of Steel movie that opens this summer, June 14.

Of most interest in the interview is Robinov’s revelation that this new Superman movie will lay the groundwork for a future slate of big screen adaptations of other DC Comics superheroes.

Robinov wouldn’t drop any hints as to what characters are being considered, but added that Zack Snyder (the director of Man of Steel) and Christopher Nolan (the producer) have made a movie that allows for the introduction of other characters into the same universe, and that we should expect to see hints of other potential superhero movies in Man Of Steel, although likely not overtly-so. It might be little things that only those who are intimately familiar with the DC Comics universe will be able to pick up on.

He even goes as far as to say that news on these new characters is imminent:

“We’ll announce something in the next several weeks that will hopefully position the DC characters and the movies we’re going to be making.”

Of course, I had to go digging for black superheroes within the DC Comics world who may be primed for big screen adaptations, and who may be on Robinov’s short list… or not.

There are several, as fanboys and girls will know, as the below compilation shows, which I found on YouTube, as I went searching for a list of DC Comics’ black superheroes.

I’ll leave the debate to those who are more familiar than I am; what black DC Comics characters do you hope that Robinov and the WB will consider for big screen adaptations?

The full interview can be found HERE.

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I'd like to see a John Stewart GL movie spin out of a successful Justice League film and since I saw 42 recently I think Chadwick Boseman would be perfect to play the character. Other than Static and maybe, maybe Black Lightning I really can't see too many other Black DC (or Marvel as well) heroes getting their own solo movies right off the bat without first being introduced in a team up movie like Suicide Squad or the Outsiders. Then again I thought BLADE would be a flop too because no one in the mainstream had heard of the character so what do I know?


Vixen, Black Lightning (with his daughters Thunder & Lightning a la the DC Nation Shorts), Cyborg. I would suggest John Stewart but after the Ryan Reynolds movie flopped (partly because they used Hal Jordan who a good chunk of people had no idea about) nobody's touching Green Lantern anything with a ten foot pole.


There has been some type of underlying hatred amongst the fanboys for the Black green lantern for a while, so I unfortunately don't expect to see that movie anytime soon. Even though the Ryan Reynold's movie bombed and DC needs a reboot in the green lantern realm, I still expect them to recast Hal Jordan before they even make a real attempt at a Black green lantern solo movie.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Mr. Terrific movie. The character was very bland on "Justice League: Unlimited", but I love the message of a Black man having the ability to be the smartest person on the planet. Since we are in a "post racial" society in which we all are equal, Americans should support the Mr. Terrific film in droves.

A Cyborg/Static combo movie would be nice. Vixen would be great, although I have real doubts in DC's ability to transfer her powers properly to a live action film. That reminds me, there aren't nearly enough black female characters in the DC universe.


After the racist comments over the Rue in Hunger Games, I think their balls shribbled up into them and kept them away from making an epic black superhero film unless it they do a period piece which would be wack, we have enough period pieces we need some present day storylines.

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