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Weekend B.O. April 12-14 (’42’ Outpaces Expectations)

Weekend B.O. April 12-14 ('42' Outpaces Expectations)

I was going to say “42 hits a home run” but that would
have been TOO obvious.

which everyone seems to feel is a good film but falls short of the mark (one
wonders what Spike Lee could have
done with it), over-performed wildly, compared to earlier box office predictions.

Most analysts were expecting the film to be No. 1 against weak competition, but grossing something in the high teens – around $18-19 million

But the film opened big on Friday, and did even better on Saturday, grossing over $27 million. 

The film is also the biggest opening ever for any baseball
movie, and relatively modestly budgeted at $40 million, it needs to make most of its money domestically and in Latin
America since there’s almost no market for it in Europe and Asia (except for Japan).

As expected, Evil
dropped by some 64%, while The Croods just keeps going. 

However at
almost $82 million to date, Olympus Has Fallen
has become the biggest domestic box office take for any film directed by Antoine Fuqua.

But judging from the cheap sets and the Bulgarian-made
cut rate CGI effects in the film, the $70
production budget that’s always quoted smells like a suspiciously jacked
up number.

1) 42 Warner Bros $27.2

2) Scary Movie 5 (Dimension Films)
$15.1 million

3) The Croods (DreamWorks Animation)
$13.2 million  Total: $142.5 million

4) G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Paramount
– $10.5 million   Total: $102 million

5) Evil Dead (TriStar Pictures)
$9.5 million  Total: $41.5 million

6) Jurassic Park (Universal Pictures) – $8.8
million  Total; $31.9 million

7) Olympus Has Fallen (FilmDistrict)
$7.2 million  Total: $81.8 million

8) Oz the Great and Powerful (Walt Disney
– $4.9 million 
Total: $219.4 million

9) Tyler Perry’s Temptation (Lionsgate)
$4.4 million  Total: $45.3 million

10) The Place Beyond the Pines (Focus
– $4 million Total: 
$5.4 million

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Chadwick Boseman= Yes!!! Rowr!!!! LOL


Chadwick Boseman is a STAR!!, that guy leapt off the screen. And now my wife wont stop talking about him and his body so time for some push ups! We bought a cool indie film he is in now on I Tunes called "The Kill Hole" which was intense but once again his performance was riveting.


think the jay z hooplah from last week helped the film

they played clip from his verse on "Brooklyn we go hard" in the trailer

I thought the choice of clip was in poor taste, but the fact that jay received so much publicity last week didn't hurt and probably helped

Mollie Brown

Not a huge baseball fan, but I wanted to see 42 in the theaters, will more likely by the DVD.


Well, I just do not think the sets in Olympus were that cheap! Theybuilt a large white house in Louisiana that looked like the real thing. I no nothing about special effects, so I cannot say where they were done. Part of the problem may be that they lost some post production time trying to get this into theaters in time to beat White House Down, with a larger budget. They moved it up quite a bit. I enjoyed it, despite the flaws, and have seen it twice. Gerard makes the day! The ending with Cerberus is a bit over the top, but still…makes you wonder what are the White House defenses against a coordinated attack.


I actually think that 42 would do well in Taiwan (A.K.A. Chinese Taipei) as well, if not for Chinese censorship rules (I read that Django got pulled at the 1th hour before its debut at theaters), although I'm not sure what there is about 42 to censor, really but one never knows.

It seems that the makers of 42 traded complexity for the feel good Hollywood bio-pic. This is a case where I actually do wonder what Spike Lee would've done with it. It might also have fallen short but I believe Lee more likely would've been unafraid to tackle some of the more complex issues, without worrying if it made people uncomfortable.

There have been Robinson films before, I suspect this won't be the last.
At the very least, people are recognizing the talent of the young actors, Chadwick Boseman and Nicole Beharie.


Outstanding for 42. It also got an A+ Cinamascore. That is the first movie to do so since Argo.


My head is swimming, I am having a deja vu flashback. White producers and director, yet a "black" historical drama… and we all should sing HALLELUJAH! January, 2012…

"Here we go again. Asides from the fact that Red Tails is definitely not the "first all black film", this is it yet another example of what I call "castor oil" movies that black filmgoers are commanded to go see as sense of duty and obligation. As I wrote in S & A back in June (HERE) there's always this pressure that: "We-must-support-this-movie-even-though-it'll-be-AS-DRY-AS-TOAST-and-even-less-entertaining-because-it-is-a-positive-movie-that-will-uplift-the-race-and-if-it-fails-then-they-won't-make-any-more-movies-like-this-anymore. The simple fact, and I've said this several times before, is that NO ONE sees a film out of duty or obligation. People see a movie because they WANT to." ~ Sergio Mims

Yep, that was taken from your post "But Does Anyone REALLY Want To See "Red Tails"?

That came to my mind as I was reading this post. Then I wondered who or what was the color of the butts who filled the seat at "42's" successful opening? And possibly, more importantly (following your above theme) why did they spend their money on the Jackie Robinson Story?

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