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Weekend B.O. April 26-28 (The U.S. Is Not The Center Of The B.O. Universe)

Weekend B.O. April 26-28 (The U.S. Is Not The Center Of The B.O. Universe)

Though Pain and Gain
was the No 1, it’s not the most important box office news this weekend.

What is, is that
Iron Man 3
, which doesn’t open here in the States until this Friday, has
already made $195.3
in Europe and Asia, proving again that
the foreign markets are what really matter when it comes to box office numbers.

And that’s something I’ve always believed that black
filmmakers should always keep in mind. I’ve always rejected this idea that “black films don’t travel”  which is a crock of you-know-what.  

Now I’m not saying that black films (or most films
for that matter) will make as much as
Iron Man 3. Of course not. But there are people everywhere around the world who would love to
see black films. They love black culture (music, art, dance, fashion, etc.) but reject black cinema? Get outta here with

And, to use an example I’ve said before, I fail to
understand why even Tyler Perry hasn’t made an aggressive effort to distribute
his films overseas. Not even in South America where I think they would find an audience.

He finances his own films, and if Lionsgate won’t do it, why
not do it himself?

But that’s enough of that. As I said at the beginning, Pain and Gain was No. 1 with $20 million, and Oblivion, as expected, due to lackluster word of mouth, took a big dive, but still came in
second with over $17 million.

Meanwhile, 42 was
third with “great legs” as they say
in the box office world, and now looks like it’s heading for $90-100 million.

This weekend’s B.O. list:

1) Pain and Gain Par. $20,000,000
2) Oblivion Uni. $17,443,000 Total: $64,731,000
3) 42 WB $10,725,000 Total:  $69,079,000
4) The Big Wedding LGF $7,500,000
5) The Croods Fox $6,600,000 Total:  $163,025,000
6) G.I. Joe: Retaliation Par. $3,620,000
Total:  $116,396,000
7) Scary Movie 5 W/Dim. $3,457,000 Total:  $27,494,000
8) Olympus Has Fallen FD $2,768,000 Total:  $93,076,000
9) The Place Beyond the Pines Focus $2,699,000 Total:  $16,205,000
10) Jurassic Park 3D Uni. $2,310,000 Total:  $133,140,000
11) Mud RAtt. $2,186,000
12) Evil Dead  TriS $2,000,000 Total:  $51,868,000

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The key to a 'black' movie opening well overseas is to get outside the romcom box. Action, horror and scifi is where the real money lies.


Bingo! Very well said! Opps, Ms Bee already said that. Okay, so I'll second that emotion, Get-These-Nets has pinned the tail on this donkey. The donkey being people worldwide don't care about the human interaction between Black people. And I've said this many times, why should they? I mean, it's only natural that people of any culture, race or creed, love nothing more than interacting with those who look and act just like them. Now I know that's not a popular opinion, but nevertheless, it's the truth many black folks have a hard time accepting. More importantly, GetTheseNets ushered in another poignant piece of this puzzle… "Generations of people worldwide have grown up seeing images of white people interacting with each other….often before they saw similar images of people who look like them" <—-that there opens the real Pandora's box…

White folks have ruled this world (and mastered the art of brainwash… they have many black folks going out of their damn minds trying to emulating every thing they do) and to a large degree, they've only interacted with black people on a limited basis (sports, music, war). So what on earth would compel them to be emotionally invested in the interactions of black people on the big screen?

But wait, before my fellow black knees begin to shake, rattle and roll, aka knee-jerk, throwing Denzel's name on the floor as proof that white folks love us, let's take a look at Mr. Washington's movies that made the least money. Nope, I don't think I have to do that because we all know they were movies in which black folks were interacting with other people of color. I rest my case. And kudos to the courageous, tell it like it is reader, GETTHESENETS!


Tyler Perry's last few films have been released overseas. Surprised Sergio never checked Boxofficemojo and typed in Tyler Perry's name? The Madea film from last summer was released in South Africa and did very well there and other foreign territories.


Shadow and Act

I'd like to see the worldwide numbers for Eddie Murphy films during his heyday.

How well his "I'm the only Black guy with more than 3 lines in the entire movie" films did and how well "The Prince in New York"* or Nutty Professor/Boomerang did.

*aka CTA


I don't think people worldwide care about the human interaction between Black people.

singing dancing clothes etc is entertainment…you don't have to see people as human beings to enjoy and copy them making you laugh or entertaining you.

I own SEVERAL martial art films….Shaw Brothers, celestial,etc……. I own about 4 films with east Asian casts that don't involve fighting…and they are all period pieces.

I own about 6 films with Americans of east Asian background as the leads…that aren't martial arts films. I can relate more to these films than the ones set in Korea,China,Japan,etc because some of them are about the immigrant experience in America.

The reason that white American films travel so well is because the West colonized most of the globe…The sun never set on the british the saying goes. And USA and England culturally colonized even more teritory globally than they ever set their flags down in.
Some of the first motion pictures ever seen in a lot of countries were American films..probably Westerns. Tv shows..same deal.

Generations of people worldwide have grown up seeing images of white people interacting with each other….often before they saw similar images of people who look like them.

These people grew up watching white films, seeing white majority western countries as global powers, having US military presence(or some other white country) in their country.

I'd love for Black films to travel as well as Black music does, but I think we have to take realistic views about why white american films are embraced…..and Black american films are not.

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