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Welcome To Animation Scoop

Welcome To Animation Scoop

To quote Tex Avery’s cartoon star, Droopy: “Hello, all you happy people.”

When Droopy was chasing the Wolf in the old MGM cartoons, the little character would be anywhere and everywhere. Like Droopy we plan to cover the entire world – of animation. From animated films to TV shows and  video games; CGI, stop-motion and good-fashioned hand drawn cartoons. Anything related to this world is fair game and for this, I’ve collected a team of the most knowledgable journalists, professionals and industry insiders to assist me. 

Contributing editor Bill Desowitz, a veteran film industry journalist, will take the lead in covering animated features, with interviews and behind the scene pieces; animation historian Charles Solomon (NPR, L.A. Times, author, The Art and Making of Peanuts Animation and many more) will be reviewing new features – as well as showcasing manga artists and anime filmmakers; computer animator Floyd Bishop will be covering the latest in video games and CG developments; author Greg Ehrbar will review DVDs and blu-ray releases; and writer Martin Goodman will take a look at new books and TV animation. Me? I’ll be posting about anything and everything that’s of interest on any given day. 

Animation Scoop is a brand new blog for news, reviews and commentary, pointed in a very specific direction. With blockbuster animated features and hit animated TV Shows; a billion dollar gaming industry and VFX virtually a part of every movie being made today – the time for this site has come. Bookmark this page, put us in your newsreader, friend us on Facebook or follow our Tweets. To paraphrase Porky, “That’s NOT all, folks!” It’s only the beginning – and it’s going to be fun. 

Special Note: I want to thank Anne Thompson and the whole gang at Indiewire for all their help in launching this site; and a special hat-tip to my uber-talented logo designer, Kevin Kidney

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Nathan Strum

Fantastic! Thank you Jerry and company for setting up the new site. It will definitely become part of my daily routine.

Mike Amron

Congratulations…. looking forward to entertaining features….:)

Pete Emslie

"Kidney Kidney"??!

Now Jerry, I'm sure that our pal Kevin would be happy to part with one of those "Kidney"s in exchange for a "Kevin". :)

By the way, congrats on launching this new site and reviving your old Cartoon Research site. I'll be checking in regularly!

Mike Carlin

Happy for the new place to see what's happening now! Thanks, Jerry!

Chuck Howell

Congratulations and best wishes!

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