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When Sofia From ‘The Color Purple’ And Madea Decided To Get Together One Afternoon…

When Sofia From 'The Color Purple' And Madea Decided To Get Together One Afternoon...

Oprah Winfrey has previously voiced her interest in starring in a Tyler Perry movie, but, thankfully, this isn’t it! Or is it?

Should we brace ourselves for an eventual announcement that Oprah and Perry will be teaming up for a Madea/Sofia mash-up movie?

Details from Oprah’s blog:

Oprah and Tyler Perry are so excited about Tyler’s shows coming to OWN, they just had to get their alter-egos together to celebrate. Oprah dressed up as Sofia from “The Color Purple” and Tyler put on the familiar face of Madea to film a promotional parody for the upcoming shows Love Thy Neighbor and The Haves and Have Nots. Check out Oprah and Tyler, or rather, Sofia and Madea, on site in Atlanta. The hilarious promo will air April 4.

So the answer is no. I’m sure that disappoints some of you greatly.

As already reported, OWN’s first scripted series from Tyler Perry are: a one-hour drama titled The Haves and the Have Nots; and a half-hour comedy series called Love Thy Neighbor, both shows set to debut on May 29, on OWN.

Here’s another shot of the dynamic duo:


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It's sad to watch trainwreck Oprah.

Mark and Darla

Lawd ham mercy.


THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Two of the most powerful — and wealthy — blacks folks in America telling all you crying ass suck-butts to kiss the pink part of their ***holes.

I can hear them chuckling in the background as they sing Jill Scott's song"

"No matter where we live, despite the things we give
they'll always be this way, so go 'head and hate on us, haters, now or later
'Cause I'm gonna do me, you'll be made, baby
Go 'head and hate on us, haters, we're not afraid of what we got paid for, you can hate on us."

And then a camera crew from S&A stops by for a quick interview. We can't see their faces but one of them asks a question…. "Oprah… or Tyler, or both of you can answer this, what's the significance of your films?"

Without saying a word, they slowly raise to their feet. Sofia looks at Madea and… "BAM!" she socks Sergio square in his wrinkled nose. Tambay runs for the door as Madea reaches for her glock. Sergio screams for mercy… "please, baby baby, please, I'm just a po' ol' gossip hound!". In unison, Madea and Sofia say "Until you'll do right by us, everything you think about is going to crumble."

And then they laugh their asses off and keep on singing…. "so go 'head and hate on us, haters, now or later 'cause we gonna do we, you'll be made, baby. Go 'head and hate on us, haters, we're not afraid of what we got paid for, you can hate on us."


Oscar Micheux/Medea Ossie Davis/Medea Mars Blackmon/Medea Half Pint/Medea Mookie/Medea Shortie/Medea Jim Brown/Medea Fred Williamson/Medea Pam Grier/Medea Bruce Lee/Medea Martin Luther King/Medea
Malcolm X/Medea Nelson Mandela/Medea Angela Davis/Medea Huey Newton/Medea President Obama/Medea Michelle Obama/Medea Al Sharpton[oop's] he already pose…;-)


No, just no.

Adam Scott Thompson



I'm just taken by how they've become such very good friends. But yeah, like Richard said, this is an image I didn't need to see lol!




Tambay, I love ya but this image will not get out of my head. What's next, a picture of Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson standing next to Sofia? Or how about Kunte Kinte standing next to Madea? Someone with some creative skills should photo shop these pictures of famous African American icons standing next to this clown! You have a national news story on your hands Tambay…….

Hassan Fvckry (@DLYDJ)

When the 'Tanning of America' goes wrong…


OMGEEE, Steven Speilberg probably just lost his lunch (I think he directed "Color Purple". Get ready for a back lash on this one Tambay. What a diss to The Color Purple to have her standing in character next to that joker. Bad bad move Miss O, I love ya but if anyone on your staff agreed with this they should be fired.


I will personally retain a lawyer for Alice Walker if she wants to put a cease and desist on this.


Oprah, please no.

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