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Why Won’t That Story About Sophia Stewart And Her ‘Matrix’ Lawsuit Die?

Why Won't That Story About Sophia Stewart And Her 'Matrix' Lawsuit Die?

HERE WE GO AGAIN! I wrote about this during the early days of S &
A, and more recently, so did Andre Seewood in Dec. 2011 (HERE), but yet… and yet… it just refuses to die.
Even right now, at this very moment, it still lives.

It’s like Dracula who keeps rising from the grave, no
matter how many times you drive a stake through his heart. But I’m not talking
about Christopher Lee, instead it’s Sophia Stewart and her Matrix lawsuit victory.

Except that there wasn’t any victory and there won’t be

But don’t tell that to some people. Many still steadfastly
believe that, according to a newspaper article – the same exact one that’s been circulating for years now – that Stewart, in October 2004, won a major
multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Wachowskis,
producer Joel SilverWarner Bros, Village Roadshow Entertainment,
James Cameron, and Gale Ann Hurd for copyright infringement and
racketeering, claiming that they stole the concept of The Matrix and the Terminator
films from her, resulting in “one of the biggest payoffs in the history
of Hollywood”.

And the reason why, to this day, the public hasn’t heard
about that case is because of the evil satanic media cabal including film studios,
television and news publishers who have banded together to keep the public from knowing
about the win.

It’s all the more strange, when you consider that Stewart has
to be in the top ten of all-time most known people in the world, thanks to the internet,
just behind Justin Bieber.

Except that it didn’t happen.

Her case was actually thrown out of court back in June 2005, almost 8 years ago, when
Stewart failed to show up in court for a preliminary hearing of her case. And
in a 53-page ruling, the judge dismissed her case, stating that Stewart and her
lawyers failed to prove her case.

Despite Stewart claiming that she wasn’t going to quit
and would try again, very little has been heard of her since, except
for the little known news item that she, in turn, sued her lawyers for millions of
dollars, claiming they purposely lost her case because they were in cahoots with
that very same evil, satanic media cabal.

Yet the story that she won, still breathes. Just a month ago, I was being bombarded by people asking if I’d heard about Stewart winning her
case. And then, in the past few days, I’ve been bombarded again, in e-mails and Facebook
postings about that very same news article which was published in mid-February
on an online news site called The
African Globe
.and which circulated from there.

For the longest time, I suspected that Stewart herself actually
wrote a fake newspaper article and posted it on-line to bolster her claim. But
it turns out that it was an actual newspaper article written by a Salt Lake Community College second year journalist student for
the school‘s paper, about Stewart.

Unfortunately the student, who knows next to nothing
about the law, mistook a true claim by Stewart
that she had won a motion against an earlier dismissal of her suit in court, for
actually winning her case.

In fact shortly afterwards, the paper published a correction
stating that the previous article had been “misleading” but it was too late. The internet grabbed ahold of the first article and refused to let it go. And of course, Stewart rode with it
since the article is still being reprinted and read all around the world, some 8
and half years later.

But why won’t it die? Simple. Because people want to believe it SO MUCH.

O.K. I get it. I
understand. The idea of this lone black woman going up against the ruthless and
faceless powers-that-be in their glass towers, and winning is just too irresistable to ignore.

We know that we (black people) are ignored all the time by the media (“Oh
great, another missing little blond white girl on the Today Show”
); Black
people distrust the media and its lies, so finally here’s someone who fought back
against them and won.

We tightly hold on to the belief that everything we have
and created was stolen by white people. But
If I had a dime for every idea, song, story, screenplay ,comic book, and
invention etc. that a black person told me was stolen by white people, I would
be a millionaire (And remember I’m taking about dimes).

I even had an uncle who would always claim that the storyline
for a Disney film was stolen from him. Couldn’t say exactly when or how it was done,
but somehow they did it.

However, Stewart’s story showed that, even once in a
while, we can be victorious; That we cannot be ignored anymore.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re going to have
to face reality folks. Yes, it’s a nice inspiring story, but IT’S…NOT…TRUE!

And logically, think about it. If she had actually won her
case, it would have been a major news story all around the world in all the
media, evil satanic cabal or not, and not some internet story passed around, e-mail by e-mail, or rumor by rumor, buzzed in someone’s ear at some party.

And yet despite what I and Seewood have said, and all
the other articles revealing the truth, I guarantee you that there are many people
who will refuse to listen, and will steadfastly believe that Stewart won her
case, and that there’s a controversy to keep it quiet.

I think all those people should get together with all those
other people who still believe that President Obama is a radical Muslim terrorist from Kenya, and go have a party somewhere.

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Who cares if she Won or didn’t Win? The Real Question is infact Did they REALLY steal her story and write it off as their own without giving her any time of credit or compensation? People are so set on the Money and not the SOURCE if it’s true or not…. It’s fxcked up it’s if it’s true though.


God, you whites are so pathetic. Why should this die? If someone’s not worshiping you people 24/7 you become so mean and jealous.

Dwayne Lester

So how come the people and companies haven’t sued this young women and arrested her for false statements?

Jae (last name withheld)

Thank you for the enlightenment , I’ve been in Hollywood for 12 years and I’m a successful Black Hollywood agent . I totally dismissed this story on purpose because it wasn’t beneficial to discuss in my circle of Jewish relationships . (Wink)


My thought is if it isn’t true why defend the remark? I believe poor low class white folks suffer from the same thing the some black people suffer from we’re both are in the same boat…blacks feel a need to get on top and white folk feel a need to stay on top (of society) but it’s BS because it’s now built on a class system neither is accepted by the elite so it’s all wasted energy. Btw I am a black man


And to be more exact: "On her website, Stewart does not claim she defeated the Wachowskis in court, but does say she won a $150 million judgment against Jonathan Lubell, her former attorney (now deceased). That court document does say she won a judgment, but U.S. District Judge Clark Waddups denied Stewart the sum she asked for. Instead, he asks her for evidence as to why Lubell should pay that amount. Stewart insists that she is owed $3 billion. “The judge took it upon himself to…[say] I had to tally up the damages,” she said, maintining that justice is her true aim. “I’m not seeking damages, I’m seeking for someone to go to jail." in other words, she ain’t won nuttin


No she did not. Show me where you got your info

None of your buisness

I net you feel real STUPID now that she won and had defendents that worked foe the brothers and testified to the truth! Its sad because people like you are the reason for so long they tried to conceal the truth, they just mad she is an African American woman, and didnt want the world to know. Bet it just kills you since you writing stories and all LMAO!!!!!


As it turns out, the story wasn’t a fake after all. The case case proven in court and won two years later.

Longo Wood

Listen Sergio I know YOU. Cannot believe this about the Writer Sophia Stewart that YOU probably thought the WACHOWSKIS brothers Wrote the Manuscript, but they did NOT at all !!! The brothers are a BUNCH of theives in the MAKING … Still AMERIKKA does not want to See a Black woman/Man as Writers, Period !!!!!!

Skip Belcher

Unfortunately, you are all incorrect! Sophia Stewart won her case in the Utah Federal Court system in June 2014. Case #2:07-cv-00552-DB-EJF (check Pacer). Both Federal Judge Dee Benson and Evelyn J. Furse, acknowledged Ms. Stewarts ownership of both the Matrix and Terminator Franchises.
The problem or fact that everyone seems to miss is that no only have none of defendants ever appeared in court, which is illegal,and, now watch this, have never denied that they did not steal her work. . . . ever! Then there’s the fact of who is going to prison, for copyright infringement, perjury, conspiracy, fraud, and don’t forget the cherry on top RICO! And who are these persons? All those whom not only committed those crimes, but also everyone whom took the bribes to keep it quite. Never appeared in the news? Does the name Time Warner ring a bell! Warner Bros., is not going to report a story of their own crimes! But she won in court. I know, I was there every time and have yet to see ANYONE from Warners camp. And as to that California case, it was never adjudicated. Warner never showed, Wiskowskis never showed. It was simply let go. Nothing was ever done! But she won, and no money has changed hands. . . .yet! But due the Utah win, things will be heating up soon. Understand that there are Billions of dollars at stake here, and mucho people whose lives are about to change for the worse and nobody, and I mean nobody, is tellin on themselves, would you?
But this case, though old, it was the "oldest open case in the Utah Federal Court system!" Fat Lady’s tunin up! Stay tuned for more!


It will never go away because Sophia Stewart actually won the rights to the terminator and matrix movie franchises in a Utah federal court on Sept 25 2014. Judge D benson ruled that the source work from the 3rd eye book that Sophia Stewart wrote was used to create The Matrix and Terminator movies. This is why you haven’t seen any more Matrix movies. Sophia Stewart wrote the Matrix 4 book and it’s an awesome read. Excellent to say the least. The Wychanski bros, James Cameron, Gale Ann Huard, Arnold Schwarnegger, Warner Bros, Fox, and those crooked lawyers will get what’s coming to them. Jupiter Ascending should have told everyone that the Wychanski bros didn’t write the Matrix. They are not that smart. James Cameron stole the Terminator and The Avatar. The original owner of the Avatar which came from a comic book called "Tree spirits" was found murdered in Florida. I’m stating all factual information here. Look it up!!

Darrell Goza

So it’s just a ‘Black’ people thing and not an internet thing? Black people ‘need’ it? I guess white people need the ‘Elvis is alive’ thing too. Sheesh people, she fought for her intellectual property rights, lost and others (whether well meaning or not) want to champion the belief that the ‘little’ guy, or in this case, girl… can win. An entire nation did the same thing in creating a ‘white’ Christ. [Don’t get me started!]


It should be known that Stewart did however prevail against one of her past attorneys in court (all other suits against all other attorneys were dismissed). At the time Stewart again tried to claim the original suit, and was again completely dismissed. A direct quote from the August 8, 2014 ruling: "The Court finds Ms. Stewart may not recover damages."


In November of 2013 Time Magazine even wrote about this, saying it was a completely dead issue. Never the less, on Sophia’s site, she followed that up by posting that in June of 2014 she would finally get her day in court. But from everything I can tell, that date never came, and the court did not grant her anything. She has not followed this up, but my guess is that she will with another sensationalist claim of "soon" being vindicated.


The story won’t go away, because so many of the movies the Wachowskis have made SINCE the Matrix are so terrible, that it piques one’s suspicion that the saga of Ms. Stewart might possibly be true. Why haven’t they been able to tell a decent story since The Matrix. Bad karma?

yc in

I think people looked at Matrix II and III and thought how could the folks who wrote Matrix I write this crap? Moreover, their movies since have been less than stellar (and usually based on someone else’s work). How could they be so inventive with Matrix I and never achieve anything close since?


I think you should look at the official website where the proof of her winning a 15 billion dollar lawsuit as well as copyrights to the matrix name is very plain to see, especially since the court documents are posted for all to see. Sorry but your info is what is actually misleading Sophia Stewart is the TRUE MOTHER OF THE MATRIX.

Londra Hunter

Why don’t you interview her. Teach the people how to protect and benefit from their great ideas. What is their to lose?


The truth of this story has nothing to do with court cases. The media always promote the idea that if a court decision is made, it is the truth, but anyone who has tried to dispute a traffic ticket knows this is not true. Sophia Stewart’s story was copywritten in 1981, witnesses say her work was onset at the filming off the Matrix, and most importanatly, The Wachowski’s have never produced any film that is as coherently plotted as The original Matrix. (Cloud Atlas Anyone?) I hesitate to believe the story is a lie simply because the courts haven’t found in her favor.


She won not millions but billions you should do your homework.

Corey W.

Oh my, oh my, OH MY, how full of ourseleves are we? I think you really should go do more research, cause if your investigative work is anything like your writing, I think you should look for another job, just saying…….. But seriously you have been had, the truth is out the, in plain sight, it will set you free, if you want it to!!!!!!!


This write up is bullshit i ran into the same thing CYNK Technology. I created the company it’s was called introbuzz. Cynk made 6 billion dollars in 3 days. So you tell me what really going on and yes they are putting it under the rug. Holla Blaque if you got any questions


The real truth is that she lost the case because her lawyers failed to represent her but she sued her lawyers and won the $150 million lawsuit against the lawyers. You can read the court ruling for yourself:


The real truth is that she lost the case because her lawyers failed to represent her but she sued her lawyers and won the $150 million lawsuit against the lawyers. You can read the court ruling for yourself:

Carma Chan

Because it's a favorite urban legend. It's a guilty pleasure. We WANT it to be true. We WANT her to Mother of the Matrix. We WANT her to win over the bad guys who steal stories. It's the Court of Public Opinion and it cannot be suppressed. She will reign in history as the Mother of the Matrix.

Tiph Hunter

Because Sophia Stewart Deserves Recognition for the work that She started in her book about the matrix and terminator story. She deserves validation too.


Hoax. Just how easy is it to pass something along as fact in the internet? This hoax started with the wachowskies as a means to something. Hell…they might even be looking for neo for all we know.


Just for the record…

Melissa Mel

I think it piped up again because she spoke to someone about this case recently.


You had me until "radical Muslim terrorist from Kenya". Did you have to go there?? No one has EVER thought that about President Yes We Can.

You could have made your point, all on its own merits, without exaggerating (read: outright lying about) something else.

Congratulations, you're just as bad as the people who won't let this Matix urban legend die.

she won

2.5 billion reason why it won't die. Now what excuse do you have


what about the story of Salt and the book "The Invisible Enemy" by Anthony Howard? This is like a zimmerman case that just wont die because it happens too often!

barry soreto

i am a radical dictator brought here to destroy the American economy… and if i cant get it done in 8 years ill pass a law saying i can run for 12 years.

Skip Belcher

Order of Default as to Defendant, Jonathan W. Lubell, Case No. 2:07-cv-00552,
Judge Clark Waddoups
Magistrate Judge Evelyn J. Furse

I know, I know, seems impossible, but yes, Sophia Stewart did win a $150 Million Default Judgement against her former Attorney in Federal Court on December 4, 2012. And because Mr. Lubell, whom was disbarred by the New York Supreme Court Disipinlary Committee in 1993, was the lead attorney on her case, his three accomplices, who you failed to name in your article, by his default lost as well! After all, was Jonathan who hired them to be on his team. And yes, they too were sued for $150 Million EACH, making that total $450 Million! "But wait" you say, the judgement says "It is hereby ORDERED that Defendant Jonathan W. Lubell is in default. Judgment will be entered against him upon the submission by Plaintiff of evidence to support the amount of damages to be entered in the judgment." Damages???? Oh yeah baby, DAMAGES! Damages to Sophia's Civil Rights and Civil Liberty Rights. Those persons, all of whom you mentioned in your misinformed article, are guilty of those violations, and as such are subject to (wait for it) 3X the suit amount!!! And that ladies and gentlemen amounts to "Say it with me now" $1.8 BILLION!!! And that's just from the sabatuer attorney's! Just wait til the WB, Wiskowski's, Hurd, Cameron etc., get theirs!
This is a modern day David and Goliath story and you, Sergio, have completely missed the boat, train, plane, subway, car and scooter! Forensic attorney's will sum up the DAMAGES. I for one wouldn't be surprised at all if Ms. Sophia Stewart, Mother of the Matrix and Terminator movie franchises, comes out with between $4 to $6 Billion, that's with a "B", when the smoke clears.
Oh yeah baby, the story's Alive and Well, it ain't no pipe dream or imagined, and it sure ain't a story about Dracula! Well maybe. . . . .if you count how the suit will suck the life right out of the bank accounts of those guilty! But oh yeah, it's real, and I know, because I was in court when the Judge ordered it!

Stanley Lewis

Case 2:07-cv-00552-DB-EJF Document 255 Filed 07/08/13 Page 1 of 15 A Pacer account is free. You can look at all documents and only if you download them to you have to pay 10 cents per page for downloads over an initial $10.00 .
Sophia Stewart
Las Vegas, Nevada COURT, DiSTRlbATTES DgJFU :'
OF U'AJ-' Telephone: (702) 501-5900
Facsimile: (310) 776-7447 JUL 082013
_______ -fS,
CLERK -"–. -.._.•
Attorney for Sophia Stewart, in Pro Se



BROWN and JOHN DOES I through X, individuals whose

identities are not yet known,


Case No. 2:07-cv-00552-EJF-DB
COMES NOW Plaintiff, Sophia Stewart, in PRO SE, and hereby request the Utah Federal Court to take (TOO LARGE TO UPLOAD ENTIRE DOCUMENT)

Stanley Lewis



If you have had your creative ideas stolen you are not in the mood to do anything else, and if you do you’re sure as hell not showing it to anybody.
1. I don’t believe the brothers wrote the original, not after watching the stuff they did after.
2. Justice in American seams just a little one sided.LOL
3. Law suits cost money, lots of money and while the industry majors have lots, writers tend not to have as much.
4. When anybody sues any major of any kind there is normally a counter suits? Where are they?
5. Anybody who brings a case against a major is listed, and no work comes there way even if they are proven correct.
6. The absence of the defendants from court speaks volumes and the judgement against her lawyers speaks louder.
7. Disinformation is a powerful weapon , so is silencing the media , none of the major news media talks about injustice unless it benefits them but the internet has changed the playing field.


she won! eat that you white fuckers

tom swift

Go to Amazon, search for "The Third Eye [Kindle Edition]" and click on 'Search Inside' to read some of her book. You'll understand what writing abilities she has. It's not impressive, and I'm being kind.


Quoted from the LA Times article:

"The Bronx, N.Y., native makes her living doing paralegal work and tax preparation. She is divorced and has two adult children, though she won't reveal her age, explaining that she doesn't believe in pagan rituals and refuses to celebrate holidays or birthdays. "It's all lies and illusions," she says. "We're timeless and ageless." She adds that her spiritual attitude forms the basis for the wise Oracle character in the "Matrix" films: "The Oracle is me. I wrote myself into my work."

This woman is also clearly a delusional narcissist. Unless of course, the LA Times was in on the conspiracy. LOL


Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys that I invented the light bulb! I am a black man and those big white companies stole my idea and screwed me over. I am going to take these thieves to court so I can obtain justice. It will be about 10 years before my case is called. Meanwhile, please order my book on Amazon, "Father of Light" by Angelo, $12.99 non-refundable. Thanks y'all.



This woman, Sophia Stewart is a scam-artist who is milking this lie for all it is worth. It is in her interest to have this hoax story live forever as she sells her Third Eye book, etc to the millions of gullible humans who believe anything they are told and have no idea how to think critically. Well, I say, good for her…she's laughing all the way to the bank! Thank god for the internet and for the millions of dumb-as-doorknob idiots on the planet. Gives the rest of us out here who can actually walk and chew gum at the same time, hope that we too can come up with some preposterous claim that they'll all believe and make us millionaires too. PLUS I'll be able to count on millions of these bozos to defend my scam to the death. You can't make this stuff up!


It's fine for you to say that she lost the law suit but if you want others to believe what you say, then provide concrete evidence to the fact. There should be some documentation that a good journalist could obtain to give proof to that fact, not just you saying the case was thrown out. Black people cannot trust media to report accurate information when Race is involved, given the history. What evidence do you have that you can show it was thrown out?


It has come to my attention: If you or I had claimed Time Warner and the Wachowskis Bros. stole the idea for the Matrix from us, the powers that be for be suing us. And I find it strange that Warner Bros. would change the first 30 minute of the Matrix after the move was showing on the big screen and Ms. Stewart made her lawsuit. I saw the Matrix when it opened and they did change the first 30 minute…WHY? And Ms. Stewart is saying she's the mother of the Matrix and Warner Bros. is just standing by and saying nothing. SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT HERE! I bet Ms. Stewart could start selling Matrix merchandise and Time Warner wouldn't sue her. Now if they did sue her it would open up the case. AIN"T GONNA HAPPEN.


I wrote about this last year as well as I had tried to set up an interview with her because there were so many problematic aspects to the whole urban legend. Also she keeps telling everyone who will listen (and those who won't) that she owns the rights to the Matrix, despite that not being true.


That was a weird experience trying to nail down that interview. lol

NOTE: remove the space between "searching" and "forchetbaker"


sorry to burst your perspective bubble. This article was going great until you decided to pull the race card, black vs white. Now you lost all credibility just like this woman, just like the stories. Please use the pulp between your ears to come up with something better than a racial motivated lawsuit.


It has come to my attention: If Ms. Stewart didn't come up with the idea for the Matrix, Warner Bros. and Wachowskis' would be suing her, and if they did sue her all the evidence showing that they got the idea from her would brought into court. No wonder they didn't sue her and wanted this story to end. And another thing, if the Wachowskis wrote the first Matrix how come the other ones made no sense? Because they stole the idea from Ms. Stewart for the first and they had any of her ideas for the others.

Truth Teller

Here is audio of the recent hearing… what a sham!

May 2nd, Court Hearing-Utah 2013.
http://www. ?txk2l37uc3ncjh6

Skip Belcher

So what's next for Sophia and her case? As these attorney's were sent by the original perpetrators of the crime, the crumps will eventually lead to all persons involved in it. Including Joel Silver, Gail Ann Hurd, James Cameron, Warner Brothers, the Wachowski's and a plethora of others, whom will all lose all their ill gotten gains and some of whom will serve prison terms, regardless of who they think they are! This end is coming very soon. Just think of it. These currently powerful persons have sent dozens of high powered lawyers, sabatuers in all shapes and sizes, against her and none have been successful! Obviously Truth is puitting down all lies against Sophia Stewart. The hole those theives and their partners have dug for themselves will be soon produce the negative fruits of their labors. They will all suffer many times more than she has suffered, because what they have done to her was atrocious!

Skip Belcher

Your so wrong about the "continuing" Sophia Stewart story! Ms. Stewart WON a Defalut Judgement against one of her former attorney's, Jonathan Lubell, on December 4, 2012, Case 2:07-cv-00552-CW-EJF Document 219 Filed 12/04/12, for a minimum of $150 Million. The order which reads in part "In light of the failure of the Defendant to appear as required by the court and upon the failure of the Defendant to oppose the motion for entry of a default judgment, and good cause for the motion appearing, the court hereby GRANTS THE MOTION IN PART, but DENIES the request to enter judgment in the amount requested." What that means is that because there are Civil Rights and Civil Liberties violations, that amount can go to three times higher. As there are four defendants total, we're talking about potentially $1.8 Billion! I know this because I was at the hearing in the Utah Federal Court when she won it from Judge David Nuffer. Also, she is the current and only owner of the Copyrights and Trademarks for both the Matrix and Terminator! You are encouraged to look it up on those sites. And she currently has for sale, her book entitled Matrix 4 (soon to be a new motion picture) and The Third Eye, available on her website:

Godbless you

The reason you people aren't hearing about this is because the media is involved in the corruption and the cover up.

First L

No, no, no, it won't die because it's the internet. What's on the internet is permanent unless the server holding this information is shut down or destroyed. Also, yes we've been done wronged again and again. Our history, style, land, ideas, etc. is being harvested dry to benefit our greedy unfeeling captors. However, we're not so disillusioned that we will 'create a victory' where there is none. No we're not that desparate. We've been disappointed before time and time again and one time more will not break us. However, we have a right to look forward to some justice. I'm sick of those vampires leeching and draining us of our essence with no return. As long as Ms. Steward is fighting for her credit and pay, I'll be in her corner cheering for her. I too am a writer, director and filmmaker. Her victory IS my victory too. Until she gets justice, nothing should die. Except the grip of the leeches.

First L

It won't die because it's the internet. What's on the internet is permanent unless the server holding this information is shut down or destroyed. Also, yes we've been done wrong again and again. Our history, style, land, ideas, etc. is being harvested to benefit our captors. However, we're not so disillusioned that we will 'create a victory' where there is none. No we're not that desparate. We've been disappointed before time and time again and one more will not break us. However, we have a right to look forward to some justice. As long as Ms. Steward is fighting for her credit and pay, I'll be in her corner cheering for her. I too am a writer, director and filmmaker. Her victory IS my victory too.


I hate to say it but it won't die because our people identify with any alleged story of someone done wrong. Facts be damned. We were wronged, we're victims end of story. No matter how many times I tell how many people it ain't so they unequivocally, absolutely, without question or circumspection raise there hand to Black Santa Claus & swear that she wrote it & won her case and is living in a solid gold house in Africa, where she is currently in production on what the Matrix & Terminator films should have been.


It won't die because people like me who should know better (I wrote in a few days ago asking whether we loyal S&A ers had 'missed' this story). I hate to admit I should have known better. And now that you have publicly spanked me and reminded all of us to do our homework, I guess I can see the absolute ridiculousness of the story. Have mercy Sergio …!


It won't DIE because she adamantly states that they stole her idea and if you listen to her you can see why. Unlike most of you here I believe that just because you haven't written anything more doesn't mean you didn't do it in the first place. It's stupid to think that a person who clearly has the intellect to think beyond you needs to keep doing it when all she is is put into her project.

Octavia Butler has written some of the greatest science fiction imaginable and if you look at many movies we can see where she has been stolen from over and over again like rats nibbling at your carcass. It can be done, a person can be a writer that has an idea that does astonish.

To the commenter who says thay almost bought her product, maybe if you did you would have seen something you are now missing because now you're judging from a outside point of view.

Listen to her for yourself, the passion can be believed:
KTL Radio presents "THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS" feat Sophia Stewart "Mother of the Matrix"

I cannot leave the link because of comment restrictions.


The fact that she didn't show up for her court date says it all…

that dude

"This is why we can't have nice things"….the lack of critical thinking here is mind boggling. Has any ever HELD a copy of her book in their hands? Not even actually READ it to see if it has anything to do with two different franchises made in two different decades at two different studios…but does her book actually exist?

The further irony is that there was a successful lawsuit against THE TERMINATOR by a real science fiction writer; not only is that case documented, there's a nice little piece on you tube about it, which includes clips of the TV shows that inspired the film.

Thank you Sergio for continuing to call out this nonsense.

Max Nomad

This story is the Perfect Storm of everything Sergio mentioned in his commentary AND the fact that plausible misinformation takes on a life of its own in cyberspace. Any intriguing article that hooks into our Hopes, Dreams and/or Fears is like an asteroid in space — bound to come speeding along our path as it continues on some unchecked trajectory. And the minute you throw in (1) the media, (2) the specter of some Willie-Lynch Illuminati-style omnipotent white man, and (3) the prospect of a Black person getting over, people will turn fiction into fact. It's sorta like Alex Haley's ROOTS in that it becomes more about the power of the story versus the authenticity of the facts.


I agree with one part of Donnie L's comment, the fact that Ms. Stewart should have utilized all of that free press over the years to sell other projects.

Donnie Leapheart

Its like I stated the first time you guys posted about this: I never believed this story for a second. If Sophia Stewart wrote a manuscript with a story dense enough to inspire both The Terminator and The Matrix, why has she never written anything since then? Both James Cameron and the Wachowski's have…Hell, even creators of bad web series keep pumping out new material. If she was half as smart as people want to believe, she could have published 8 novels for each year that this urban legend has continued and made a killing just from people who think she won the lawsuit alone. But she hasn't done this because she's not actually a writer at all. Her case was dismissed long ago, as should this urban legend.


I think what people should take from all of this is the rampant stupidity in which folks send their unprotected scripts to Major studios -mini majors, producers who have studio deals, Producers who are friends of producers who have studio deals, a friend who has some one in key position at a studio. For Black folk and I learned from a real situation long ago is that if you send your script under the cover of darkness it's gone stolen. Copy Right and WGA registration won't protect you at that point. What will work is creating hoopla about your project and key attachments, like actor -A-list or well known, producer well known and IMDB.COM registrations that will help you fight the snake like personas waiting for your script to arrive in the mail or the one you left behind after a pitch session!


I think what is lost here is whether or not the stories were actually stolen from her or is it just her claim that they were? I can understand the false claim she won a lawsuit but the issue at hand should be was the screenplay/treatment stolen?

Derrick Mathis

It just goes to show how the internet has become a hotbed of misinformation—–especially when it pertains to black folks.


This is the first I've heard of it not being true; I actually believed it until read this article just now!


This thread reeks of Django withdrawl, Sergio


I think it's just become an urban legend now, Sergio.
Black people need it, so they just keep it going.

Shannon Daily

The matrix is based on a speech Philip K Dick gave in Metz France in 1977.

Big Russ

Ya’ll are doing a disservice to African-American women who write science fiction by promoting an obvious fraud and liar instead of supporting REAL BLACK WOMEN writers like Octavia Butler. Sophia Stewart is an obvious scam artist. Just imagine how much good would’ve been done if the attention given to Sophia Stewart was given to Octavia Butler, Tananarive Due, Andrea Hairston, Nalo Hopkinson, N. K. Jemisin, Nnedi Okorafor, Nisi Shawl, or Karen Lord — REAL BLACK WOMEN THAT WRITE SCI-FI. Ya’ll still have a chance to quit believing the lies and start promoting the real. It will do the world so much more good if you do!


Common sense prevail she had a lawsuit and who knows just the character of the Oracle says it all. I belie e the story may have been hers that’s why one should droop a poor man’s copywrite in post to yourself in a totally sealed and when you get it do not open it. The post mark will be evidence of when you thought of the idea. But it has to be sealed properly. Plagiarism is rithe in this type of industries. So until a documentary is done about this mystery it is not going to go away. I think those who follow the science fiction genre would like the truth. That’s all.

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