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World’s Largest Cartoon Screening

World's Largest Cartoon Screening

Animation Scoop reader Jess Price sent in this photo (above) from the cartoon screening he attended last night: Chuck Jones’ 1957 Bugs Bunny cartoon What’s Opera Doc? on the world’s largest high-definition screen.

Jess wrote, saying, “I’m always sad I’m nowhere near Los Angeles for all the great screenings you promote. Today, however, I was able to see the world’s largest cartoon screening at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

“Attached is a photo of “What’s Opera Doc?” on a screen measuring 72′ high by 160′ wide (equaling 11,520 square feet) — stretching some 60 yards over the football field below.”

At 6:45 PM, prior to a live simulcast of Puccini’s Turandot at Cowboys Stadium, the Dallas Opera presented “what is believed to be the world’s largest cartoon screening (based on screen size): Warner Brothers classic masterpiece, What’s Opera, Doc? starring Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd and voted the #1 cartoon ever produced (in 1994, by a thousand members of the animation field).”

Next year, Price says, “they announced they’re going to try to show Rabbit of Seville“.

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J Lee

Having been here a couple of times for football games — sitting high up and down low — you're position here would be the opposite from watching the Cowboys.

If you're in the cheap seats, you're looking straight at the screen, and it's the biggest HDTV in the world (albeit it, the most annoying one when we were there and the tried to broadcast a quarter of the game in 3-D). Great for replays, but you forget you're at the game and paid money to watch it live. Downstairs, the 60-yard screen isn't as obtrusive, but if you're down low, it's like being in the front row of a movie theater, where you have to strain your neck up to watch the screen.

So the people who probably paid the lowest prices to see Turandot probably got the best view of both it and What's Opera, Doc? last night. Something for Rabbit of Seville fans to remember for next year.

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