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Yes, There Really Is Going To Be A ‘Basketball Wives’ Movie + A ‘Jumping The Broom’ Sequel

Yes, There Really Is Going To Be A 'Basketball Wives' Movie + A 'Jumping The Broom' Sequel

In this week’s “do-we-really-need-to-know-this?” news comes confirmation of what’s been rumored for some time, and some of you’ve been dreading – that there really is a Basketball Wives movie in the works.

Producer Tracey Edmonds revealed in a recent interview with that there is indeed a BW film in the works, with Shaunie O’Neal, but cautioned that the film will not be based on the show, and will be an “uplifting movie with a lot of twists” (and lots of weaves one assumes).

She also revealed that she has a sequel to her successful Jumping the Broom movie also currently in development. How has Hollywood and the business evolved since you started out and what’s next for you?

EDMONDS: In all honesty, when I first started there were more opportunities for projects of color. There were at least seven distributors doing African-American films. Nowadays, it’s maybe two or three. That leaves fewer slots to get a film through and fewer opportunities to direct or produce. We are seeing the same with television. The good news is things are beginning to segue way online, which is global. A channel like Alright is reaching the entire world on YouTube and a wonderful opportunity to get positive images out to the world. There is a Jumping the Broom sequel in the works and I am also producing a Basketball Wives movie with Shaunie O’Neal. It’s not based on the show and is an uplifting story with a lot of twists.

So if it’s not based on the show, then what’s it supposed to be about?

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Projects like this would do well to get a partnership with whomever makes/distributes yaki hair.

And wth is "uplifting" about a bunch of sour faced gold diggers and the men they snagged, I mean married? THIS is why so many young girls think stuff like this is cute.


It's sad that Tracey Edmonds would get involved in something like this. She started off right with "Soul Food", but has it come to this? Has the alimony from Babyface dried up already??!!

Tian Richards

So this movie definitely needs to include a couple of the following… Drew Sidora, Lauren London, Tika Sumpter, Meagan Good, Nicole Beharie, Tia Mowry, Kyla Pratt, Kendra C. Johnson,…


I'm told this post is where we can discuss the fuckery of which we want no parts.

I really don't wanna get diabetes, y'all. Or another parking ticket.



People producing or financing mainstream vehicles/projects want a return on investment.
Today's climate factoring what draws ratings, what type of celeb behavior is followed, which type of people are popular,seems like less of a financial risk to get behind the same old same ol'.

Indie content creators have to step their game up, also. Ultimately, people want to be entertained. If you can do that in new, creative, and challenging ways…people will enjoy your projects and recommend them to others.


Another romantic comedy or drama filled movie. Is this the only types of movies rich black people want to make? These rich black celebs always talking about the images of black people in hollywood but when they get money and some power they tell the same stories hollywood been telling about black folks forever. DIY Independent black filmmakers and writers are the ones we have to support if we want to see different images of us in film and stop letting these black hollywood celebs exploit you acting like they want change but in reality they just want to keep things the same. I would love for Shadow and Act to do an in – depth article on why rich black folks and celebs in hollywood keep rehashing the same stereotypes of black people on film.

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