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ABC Picks Up ‘The Returned’ – Now Called ‘Resurrection’ + First Look (Omar Epps, Jason Mott)

ABC Picks Up 'The Returned' - Now Called 'Resurrection' + First Look (Omar Epps, Jason Mott)

Here’s another one that we missed, likely because its title was changed. 

ABC picked up The Returned, which is now officially titled Resurrection, which is said to be one of Paul Lee’s, the president of ABC Entertainment’s favorite pilots; so that’s a good sign, right?

In March, Omar Epps landed the top role in the serial adaptation of author Jason Mott’s debut novel, The Returned.

You might recall the December announcement that Mott’s novel had been optioned by Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company, with the goal being to develop a TV drama series for ABC, based on the “high concept” novel.

In light of conversations we’ve had on this site about the dearth of
novels by black authors optioned and adapted for the screen (big or small) here in
the USA, and in this case by a high profile, A-lister like Brad Pitt, it
didn’t take much coaxing to get me to act on the opportunity to
interview Jason Mott, while I still could, before he becomes one of the
so-called “untouchables” in Hollywood, when it would become a challenge
to reach him.

Thankfully, Jason obliged when I inquired about an interview, which took place before the holidays, and which I was posted in early January HERE, if you missed it.

The novel, The Returned, won’t be published until September
2013, so I obviously haven’t read it, and I’m guessing no one else as –
well, except for those who are involved in the TV adaptation of it. 

There was reportedly a bidding war for the rights to the novel, among
several production companies and studios, suggesting that it’s a strong,
commercial, high concept work that will translate well to the screen.

So what’s The Returned about? Here’s its short synopsis:

A family gets caught up in a worldwide
event in which loved ones return from the dead exactly as they last
were in life. Lucille and Harold Hargrave wonder: Is their dead
eight-year-old son’s return a miracle or an impending sign of something

Omar Epps will star as Martin Bellamy, who’s described as:

… an agent with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He’s a former cop who joined ICE when he got involved with a case involving the trafficking of children. He’s empathetic with a soft spot for kids — despite not having a family of his own — and is fascinated by Jacob (newcomer Landon Gimenez), a mysterious boy who popped up from nowhere in the middle of rural China.

Epps will lead a cast that includes Kurtwood Smith, Devin Kelley, Matt Craven, Frances Fisher, Sam
, Samaire Armstrong, Nicholas Gonzalez and Mark Hildreth.

Criminal Minds’ Aaron Zelman wrote the pilot, which was directed by Charles McDougall (House of CardsThe Good Wife).

Congrats to Mr Mott, Mr Epps and the rest of the cast and crew on the pick-up! I’m certainly looking forward to seeing this.

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Just want to know the songwriter who did the song in the very beginning of the show. When the girl is still on the bus?????


The returned tv show Resurection is very well done so far, and the book basicly more of a spirtual rather than horror, even though I am a King's fan for most of his books.
did not see the french version but why put down our american version before it even started.
Omar Epps is a great actor, glad to see him back on TV, after his show with House.


I overall enjoyed the first show. Some details bothered me though. Why did the Chinese government call the US customs to get the child if he never spoke? And no only did they not feed , bath. or change his clothes before customs came to get him. but the little boy stays in the same clothes the entire show…. No one is certain that this kid is american. but Omar Epps boss continues to tell him the kids is a ward of the federal government….. I would hope if a real incident like this happened, childreb wouldnt be so quickly pawnex off to some othef government….. I couldnt imagine finding a child who appears chinese amd having that child immediately rurned over to Chin's custom agents….


The Returned is wonderful. I'm sure we'll screw it up. So much for subtleties. In our (american) version they'll have to blow things up every 15 minutes. Oh, and let's not forget gore!


I'm confused… from everything I've read online, including this article, there appears to be no mention of its ties to the French series "The Returned" on The Sundance Channel. I thought "Resurrection" was based on that series. But "The Returned" is actually an adaptation of a 2004 French film called "They Came Back," and "Resurrection" is based on a book called "The Returned" that is completely independent from the French series and film.

I'm thoroughly confused, as I thought the two television series were synonymous with each other considering they have the exact same story.


This looks like is going to be a great show! So happy for Omar to be on another upcoming hit Primetime show and can't wait to pick up Jason's book….I LOOK FORWARD TO THIS SHOW!


The French version is soo well done, I doubt anyone else will do better.
Are you KIDDING me with Omar Epps?! Horrible actor and just leads me
to believe this is just another series America will adapt only to screw it up, ugh…
why do they always mess with a good thing?!


I missed the first episodes of The Returned how do I catch up with this programme.
Thanks Mary


___A family gets caught up in a worldwide event in which loved ones return from the dead exactly as they last were in life. Lucille and Harold Hargrave wonder: Is their dead eight-year-old son’s return a miracle or an impending sign of something horrible? ___
………hmm ppl return exactly as they were? we already had this show . it was on USA. it is called "the 4400" . it was on from 2004-2007.

Gigi Young

It's been read by hoi polloi. Copies were given away on Goodreads, and I'm sure it will pop up on NetGalley to be reviewed by book bloggers and librarians in the coming months.


But like…Omar is standing in the middle looking like a grain of pepper in a sea of salt. That erks me. Can casting do better please dang.

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