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Chadwick Boseman Is Reportedly At The Top Of Marvel’s Short List For ‘Black Panther’

Chadwick Boseman Is Reportedly At The Top Of Marvel's Short List For 'Black Panther'

I’m not surprised by this news, assuming it’s true. It’s a no-brainer actually, for what should be obvious reasons; #1 being that he stars in a sports biopic that’s currently in theaters, and doing well given the category it falls under. And since, as we’ve noted previously, in Hollywood casting decisions, the *who’s hot right now* factor is a significant one, who else would really be at the top of Marvel’s list for that part right now?

Oh, and he also happens to be an Actor, which I’m thankful for. They could’ve always gone with an entertainer first, and an actor second.

Our friends at Latino Review are reporting exclusively that 42 star Chadwick Boseman is currently at the top of Marvel’s short list of actors to cast in their Black Panther movie – a project that fanboys and girls have been wishing for, for quite some time. 

Last we reported on this, Morris Chestnut rejected rumors that he was “in talks” for the role, after fanboys and fangirls were all abuzz over a Facebook and Twitter post he made a few weeks ago.

Latino Review also states that Black Panther just might make an appearance in the upcoming Avengers 2, which would serve as a launch-pad for his own movie franchise.

Once again, I’m not holding my breath for a Black Panther movie. We’ve already talked about the potential for one to death, and, as I said in a previous post, I’ve pretty much given up expecting one to happen anytime soon, if at all. Marvel will probably explore every other superhero in its library on film, before we see standalone movies with any of its key black superheroes. Or they’ll be supporting/peripheral characters in movies about other non-Black Marvel superheroes

If they really wanted to make one, given how much lip-service has been given to the possibility over the years, I’d think that they would have done so by now.

But maybe the timing is finally right for them, with Boseman’s star-turn in 42. I know for a lot of you, Chiwetel Ejiofor was at the top of your lists; I’ve also seen support for Djimon Hounsou, Idris Elba, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and a few others.

We’ll see…

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This is great news if true but I wouldn't be surprised if news breaks later this summer, if MAN OF STEEL kills like expected, that Boseman has been cast as John Stewart in a potential Justice League movie or GL restart. 42 was a WB movie and a relative success for the studio while the GL movie, a WB movie as well, was a critical and box office disappointment. A disappointment according to many because it was Hal Jordan and not Stewart who was the Lantern the mainstream knew best. Boseman has burgeoning box office appeal and name recognition so WB may want to keep him in house to anchor a movie about one of their most popular characters.




Chadwick Boseman is the only one who should get the part he has a hit movie at the box office and he is going to be a big star. Djimon Hounsou, Idris Elba, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje will never get the part. Hollywood would cast a black American actor over a black British or African actor that is showbiz. Also those African guys are old and over 40 too old to be Black Panther.


I highly approve. And I'm still holding out hope for a Black Panther standalone. I don't necessarily agree that Marvel would have done a Black Panther film by now if they really wanted to. Setting aside from bias reasons for the delay – implicit or explicit – Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man are Marvel's heavy hitters when it comes to solo character comic book series. Not only that, but they are all part of larger ensemble cast comic books as well. Marvel basically made films for comic book /TV cartoon fans, and hoped to draw in a significant mainstream audience. Now that they have, and they've brought in a much larger mainstream audience with the Avengers, they'll try to expand the movieverse to include other characters that have smaller film and comic book audiences, to grow their comic book audience and take advantage of their huge IP catalog. I wouldn't be surprised if they saw Black Panther as a risk that they weren't willing to take in the beginning, but now, they're more comfortable to try. Especially now that Black Panther is a key player in the current Avengers comic-bookverse, and there may not be any more Iron Man films, there's more room for a dedicated group of people to get the film made. The question is, does this group currently exist in Marvel Studios? And if not, how can we make it happen?

It may seem ridiculous that Ant-Man is getting a film before Black Panther, but Ant-Man is a key player in the Marvel Universe, albeit a little more behind the scenes. It's very likely that his film will set up a future Avengers film in a major way. Plus, Edgar Wright has been onboard to do the film for years now, but had scheduling conflicts or something. That film has dedication behind it, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy (which, I think, is probably only getting made because the Avengers did so well – superhero team-ups are the next big thing in movies, it seems).

Basically, I think Wanuri Kahiu should write the film, and we should get someone good to direct it. So long as it doesn't get dubbed a "black" film, and the marketing's decent, if there's a chance it can be good, people will go see it. For that reason as well, I say it makes sense that they would wait – having positive buzz from being linked to the Avengers films and with the Marvel Studios movies now proving to be being wildly successful, a Black Panther movie probably has a much better chance of getting off the ground than it did 3-5 years ago when this was all just starting. Association with the Avengers means less concerns about not capturing a wide audience due to having a minority lead or a primarily minority cast.

Realistically though, they'd probably do it in a roundabout way and base the film off of Black Panthers New York adventures, to keep it "local" to Hollywood, so to speak, and avoid having a majority black cast. Then, if that does well, and they decide to do a sequel, they'll move the setting back to Wakanda.

Oh, if only Red Tails hadn't tanked at the box office…


Oh my gosh, my crush!!!! Don't tease me…..this news is just so good. Add to this the fact that I am a comic book fangirl. This is the best news from this week. :)

I wouldn't be made at Chiwetel, Idris or Adewale either, though. ;)

Black Canseco

I'm a huge Black Panther fan, as I'm sure many here are… Joss Whedon strikes a nice balance between commercial appeal and staying true to the source. He also has the cache to pull this off. My only concern is it still possible to have "too black" concerns in the comic book world and i can see that manifesting in a story that is more about BP vs. INSERT VILLIAN HERE in "mainstream friendly battlefield" with little backstory on BP's kingdom/homeland, etc.

But hey maybe that's just me looking for a haystack to bury this needle in.

I hope this turns into something that's at least better than Daredevil. Tho I kinda think Wolverine will be the blueprint/harbinger for BP…

Also while I'm sure it's been brought up in past threads, can I just say what an embarrassment that BlackPanther thing Reggie Hudlin did on BET was? It's like everyone took the spare change they were gonna use for valet parking and said "here's our budget… now who wants to make a cartoon in their sparetime?"

Justin W

That would be so awesome if it does happen.


Joss Whedon's influence will probably get BP in Marvel Phase 3. He respects the source material too much to not have him.

Dankwa Brooks

I agree with you Tambay I just want AN ACTOR not an entertainer. I thought Chad was great in '42' and unlike the others you mentioned YOUNG. I would like a young, athletic actor to start a possible franchise.

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