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‘Coming To America’ In Yoruba… Just Because…

'Coming To America' In Yoruba... Just Because...

Even though I spent the first 9 years of my life in Nigeria, Yoruba isn’t a language I can claim to understand (my mother is Igbo, so is this were an Igbo translation, I might have been of much better use here). 

But I thought this was interesting enough to share… 

There are Nigerian movies made in Yoruba that are subtitled in English, but it’s not very often that I see an American movie dubbed in Yoruba. Then again, I’m never looking specifically for them… until now anyway; because this did make me curious enough to research American movies dubbed in Yoruba. But I didn’t immediately find anything online. I’ll keep digging though.

I’m told that some enterprising young men got together and decided to dub, in Yoruba, the Eddie Murphy comedy hit, Coming To America, and uploaded it to YouTube – some of it anyway, with more to come.

They say that they did it just for fun, and it is in that same spirit that I’m sharing it (I know some of our readers do speak Yoruba, so you might appreciate this more than the rest of us; although I am really curious to know how literally, in or out of context, the dialogue translates):

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Lwkmd mehn! These guyz tried, as in, the Yoruba connects!! Both in and out of context, the dialogue translates very well. It's so interesting because I LOVE Coming to America , it's great to hear it from a different angle :-)


This is really well done. Totally works context wise and Yoruba is such a rich language that its hard to be bad actor in Yoruba. Like the language kind of forces you to nail the right words at the right times-don't know if that makes sense. Thanks for posting!


I'm told by someone from Burkina Faso that this film was a big hit in West Africa. Murphy is well-known and very popular.


The dialogue is spot in regard to context, with references to aspects of Nigerian social behaviour when referring to life in Zamunda. It's exponentially hilarious and Nigerians are such smart entrepreneurs you can bet a full-blown theatrical version of this will be playing Lagos cinemas and breaking box office records before the year is out.

blah, blah

I don't know why this is so awesome? And hilarious, I might add. Maybe because I know this film virtually by heart and the fact that these guys, who did the dub, are really getting their voice acting on.

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