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First He’s ‘Dracula,’ And Now Luke Evans Is ‘The Crow’

First He's 'Dracula,' And Now Luke Evans Is 'The Crow'

So is Luke Evans the new reboot king? At any rate, it seems Hollywood is ready for him to be the next thing. He’s the baddie in this summer’s gearhead flick “Fast & Furious 6” which led to Universal tasking him with “Dracula,” a relaunch of their iconic movie monster. And now another character with a penchant for darkness will get Evans taking it on.

After flirting with Bradley Cooper, James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston and Alexander Skarsgard Relativity has settled on Evans for the title role of “The Crow.” Of course you know it’s based on the comic series, which was turned into the 1994 cult film featuring a solid lead turn by Brandon Lee as Eric Draven, the resurrected goth rocker seeking vengeance on those who wronged him. The endeavour will have to walk a fine line to prevent from falling into cornball territory, so director F. Javier Gutierrez (“Before The Fall”) has his work cut out for him.

No release date yet, but production will begin in early 2014. [Deadline]

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I do like Luke Evans as an actor, don’t get me wrong. But you just can’t go and remake that movie. You just can’t! How can you ever hope to upstage Brandon Lee’s performance as Eric Draven? Yes, I know he died making the movie, but you can upstage him. And when it really comes down to it that’s what they’re trying and hoping to do here. And I think a lot of people who adore the first Crow movie will be very disappointed and pissed off (like I am) that they’re trying to remake this movie.


Maybe he’s gonna spread himself too thin. But the thing is, he’s moved up into this almost B-list position, so of course he’s up for these jobs. Especially since Sam Worthington moved down 3 notches post everything “Avatar.”

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