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First Look: Photos, Posters & Clip Of Mads Mikkelsen In Cannes Entry ‘Michael Kohlhaas’

First Look: Photos, Posters & Clip Of Mads Mikkelsen In Cannes Entry 'Michael Kohlhaas'

This time last year, Mads Mikkelsen was about to become the toast of Cannes. The Danish actor was on the Croisette starring in Thomas Vinterberg‘s “The Hunt,” a stunning morality play, and went on to win the Best Actor prize at the festival for his role in that. “The Hunt” is still yet to open in the U.S. (it’s coming next month), but Mikkelsen has gone from strength to strength; he’s currently killing it, as it were, as the title character in “Hannibal,” which has unexpectedly turned out to be one of the best dramas currently on television.

And now the actor’s back at the festival to star in “Michael Kohlhaas,” an adaptation of the novel by Heinrich von Kleist about a 16th century horse dealer who rebels against the establishment when two of his animals are illegally confiscated. It might not be the sexiest subject matter, but it’s in Competition, which bodes well, even if the little-known director Arnaud des Pallieres is something of an unknown quantity behind the camera, at least for Western audiences.

The film has a killer supporting cast including Denis Lavant, Bruno Ganz, David Kross and Sergi Lopez, so we’re certainly intrigued, though. And to tide over the wait, a brace of pictures, posters and even a clip from the film have all arrived. Are you intrigued? Or unmoved? Let us know your thoughts below, and verdicts should be in from the Croisette before too long.

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Very limited theater release. Watch it on VOD. The DVD coming out in Jan. More bad reviews. Seeing this movie. Just one long music video commercial. Only you don't know what they're trying to sell you.


The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. I do not think that movie has been picked up by any film companies yet. It did not get a very positive reception from the Sundance Film Festival nor the Berlinale Film Festival. Read all the reviews for it. This one could be a hard sell or straight to dvd.


A great actor-from films to television, he has a large body of work. He is in South Africa filming
the western "The Salvation", and "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman" should be
released soon, as well as a couple of other projects he is working on. A very busy fellow–the
most talented Danish actor-best in Europe and will hopefully be fully recognized with all of
his work in the Americas! So gifted and brilliant!


I'd pay to watch him read the phone book.


What a great yet interesting face he has! He is by far one of my favorites and have been watching all his films. Like wine just gets better. If you are not familiar with him and like international films, you should watch After the Wedding. It's so good!


Mads is one of the great under-rated artists of his generation. I fully noticed him in Valhalla Rising…how couldn't you?! He is so interesting to watch. He has made Hannibal his own. I really think he is one of the few that might be able to steal a scene from Daniel Day-Lewis, if they were to act opposite each other.


well, who cares about film, if it has Mads) people want to see him. indeed is he in Cannes now? or just film with him?

Michael M.

Wow, very evocative, stark and somber portrayal of 16th Century . The heavily stylized cinematography and ambient soundtrack bodes well. Cannes darkhouse*

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