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First Trailer For ABC’s ‘Resurrection’ (Starring Omar Epps, Based On Jason Mott’s Novel)

First Trailer For ABC's 'Resurrection' (Starring Omar Epps, Based On Jason Mott's Novel)

ABC picked up The Returned, now officially titled Resurrection, which is said to be one of Paul Lee’s, the president of ABC Entertainment’s favorite pilots; so that’s a good sign, right?

In March, Omar Epps landed the top role in the serial adaptation of author Jason Mott’s debut novel, The Returned.

You might recall the December announcement that Mott’s novel had been optioned by Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company, with the goal being to develop a TV drama series for ABC, based on the “high concept” novel.

I interviewed Jason soon after that announcement which I was posted in early January HERE, if you missed it.

The novel, The Returned, won’t be published until August  2013, so I obviously haven’t read it, and I’m guessing no one else has – except for those who are involved in the TV adaptation of it. 

There was reportedly a bidding war for the rights to the novel, among
several production companies and studios, suggesting that it’s a strong,
commercial, high concept work that will translate well to the screen.

So what’s The Returned about? Here’s its short synopsis:

A family gets caught up in a worldwide
event in which loved ones return from the dead exactly as they last
were in life. Lucille and Harold Hargrave wonder: Is their dead
eight-year-old son’s return a miracle or an impending sign of something

Omar Epps stars as Martin Bellamy, who’s described as:

… an agent with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He’s a former cop who joined ICE when he got involved with a case involving the trafficking of children. He’s empathetic with a soft spot for kids — despite not having a family of his own — and is fascinated by Jacob (newcomer Landon Gimenez), a mysterious boy who popped up from nowhere in the middle of rural China.

Epps will lead a cast that includes Kurtwood Smith, Devin Kelley, Matt Craven, Frances Fisher, Sam
, Samaire Armstrong, Nicholas Gonzalez and Mark Hildreth.

Criminal Minds’ Aaron Zelman wrote the pilot, which was directed by Charles McDougall (House of CardsThe Good Wife).

Congrats to Mr Mott, Mr Epps and the rest of the cast and crew on the pick-up! I’m certainly looking forward to seeing this.

Watch the first full trailer below:

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Watched the whole first season didn't know Omar was one of them too,,,,,can't wait till season 2 September 28


Just saw the trailer for this show. It does seem a little like the 4400. I loved that show, but thought writers got sloppy trying to end it when it became clear it would be cancelled. Hopefully this show, whatever, the series direction will be, make it and have an opportunity to conclude properly.


Just saw the trailer for this show. It does seem a little like the 4400. I loved that show, but thought writers got sloppy trying to end it when it became clear it would be cancelled. Hopefully this show, whatever, the series direction will be, make it and have an opportunity to conclude properly.


As close to a remake as you can get without paying a penny in royalties to Les Revenants then?

Anyone got any original ideas? Anyone? Bueller?


I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS…its NOT a remake,,,its an Original…based on the book THE RETURNED by Jason Mott,,..You have to read the book …its gonna be an amazing show!!!


What's the matter? Can't Americans read sub-titles or something?
Why does there always have to be an American version of already successful stuff?
Just show the bloody original.


Reminds me of the 4400. Those folks were just disappeared and returned, but …


I'm surprised by the negativity in some of these reviews. I think in looks like it could be a good show….not the type that last for 10 season, but a really good ride for 2 season. I have never really been an Omar Epps fan, but from what I see in this trailer….this seems like a role that suits him. Can't wait to check it out.




Sorry, this one's not gonna make it. Onar Epps what happened to you bruh? You looking like life has been rough to ya!


They couldn't find two black people ?


Wow, so ABC's now in the business of Mockbusters? Of ripping of someone elses creative property?

Let's see – all over the world people who are dead mysteriously come back to life, just the way they were when they died, without any recollection of their deaths? And a couples dead little boy comes back, and makes the parents wonder if it's a miracle or something else?

And this is based on a book called "The Returned"?

Hmmm… i somehow have the feeling, that i've seen this before… Oh, right, I HAVE. In a french film that i watched back in 2004: suddenly, all over the world, deceased people suddenly come back to life, just the way they were, when they died. And a woman wonders, if the reappearance of her dead husband is a miracle, or if there is some other, darker force at play. Which is pretty much what her neighbors think, whose dead little son has also returned…

The name of this film? "Les Revenants". The english title was "They came back", but a literal translation would be – "The Returned".

But wait a minute? Didn't i see that film again just a few months ago? Oh, no, i didn't, it was a TV show called "Les Revenants", which premiered last fall. An adaption of the movie of the same name. Oh, what's that, that wasn't the first time it was adapted for TV? There was an english language pilot a while back too, which wasn't picked up though?


Time travel? Cloning? Just plain reincarnation? 100 dollar buy in for the pool.


This looks good! So smart that they didn't go the "conspiracy" or "magic" or "zombie" angles. Just went the way the novel is described-What does it say about us to how we respond to miracles? I'm sure something will come later that is more fantastical, but they're focusing on the characters and not the spectacle now and that's strong. I'm TRULY pulling for this one. Oh, that and a Black Lead LOL

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