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France vs. US – What Do Movie Stars Looks Like?

France vs. US - What Do Movie Stars Looks Like?

As the Cannes Film Festival kicks off here is an infographic from French TV (and in French) that breaks down the difference between the US and French film industries.

Here’s what the article said (using google translator)

The Hollywood industry on one side, the “cultural exception” French on the other. Although they sometimes defend practices and different visions of the seventh art, France and the United States are undeniably two of the largest nations in the world of cinema. The Cannes selection proves again, as no fewer than five French films and four U.S. productions in competition, more than half of the films.

On the occasion of the 66th Cannes Film Festival , which opens Wednesday, May 15, FranceTV info wanted to know what characterized the heroes and heroines of the film invented by France and the United States today. Women and men do they hold the same place? Are there categories of population represented more than others? To understand this, we have compiled data from approximately 150 films released in each country in 2012: those that exceeded $ 700 000 in revenue in the United States, and those that attracted more than 10,000 people in theaters in France. Here, in pictures, the results we obtained, also deciphered in detail in this article.

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h/t Elena Rossini

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je parle francais. :) Given the demographics of France I'm not surprised by what's listed on there. Few notes: Maghreb means N. African, most likely Algerian. In the info box on the age range, they now that American actresses careers end abruptly at 40 vs the French who like their older actresses :) Although moitie means half, they're using here to talk about the median age of the actors. They also note that American actresses are 15 yrs younger than their male leads. It's only 10 for the French. I'll take a look at the original French article later, but no real surprises here :)


1st graphic : Leading roles (blue actors – pink actresses). In the US, men play the lead almost twice more than women.
2nd : age Р(on average) In France the actress is 10 years younger than her partner, US 15 years younger and after 40, huge drop for female lead role. Moiti̩ = half.
3rd : physicam appearance of leading roles – Experience Women 27 films in France, 19 in the US, then (by percentage) it's about hair color (brown, chestnut, blond, grey, redhead) and ethnicity (France : white, maghreb, black, asian – US: white, black, hispanic, asian).
Men in France 36 films, US 27 films, same for hair and ethnicity.


What's the point of putting this up in a language that most Indiewire readers don't read? This is a very lazy and stupid idea.

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