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Hitler Just Heard About Adobe’s Creative Cloud and He’s Furious; What About You?

Hitler Just Heard About Adobe's Creative Cloud and He's Furious; What About You?

Heads up, filmmakers. This week, Adobe announced that Creative Suite 6 is the last for standalone
versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and the like. From here on out, Adobe will
instead release the subscription- and cloud-based Creative Cloud.

You can still buy Adobe CS6 — for now, anyway — but all the groovy new technology will only be available by monthly or annual subscription. The complete CC suite requires a 12-month subscription at $50 per month; a single app is $20 per month.

These are the selling points:

To put this into perspective, the Creative Suite 6 Master Collection will set you back ~$2,500, while a single Photoshop CS6 license is ~$700. At $600/year for the complete Creative Cloud suite, it would be more than four years until you surpassed the hefty CS6 Master Collection standalone price. At $240/year for Photoshop CC (or another Creative Cloud app), you’re still looking at 2-3 years before you “overpay.” Let’s not forget that you should get a new major release of Creative Cloud apps every 12 months as part of the subscription price, too.

Well, kind of. Except what happens if your internet goes down? Or the connection goes wonky? (I know; that never happens.) Or you don’t want to be beholden to Adobe? Or don’t trust them to crank up the price because they can? (Because that never happens either.)

That’s what Adolf would like to know. Where do you stand on the Adobe decision?

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Seriously people, find out the facts. Your stuff doesn't "live in the cloud." Everything's always like it was before, 'cept your software app periodically goes out on the web to get its butt sniffed by the Adobe mothership to be sure your subscription is current. Everything lives on your computer, just like before.


The point isnt the cloud, you dont have to use it; it isnt even the price, though they can jack it up any time; the real problem is Adobe has total control of your commitment, you no longer own the software. WTF, it's like I bought a new car from Ford, paid cash. Now Ford is telling me that car must be replaced with a new car, they set the price, they choose the model, and if I DONT continue to pay up, they will repossess the car.


I don't trust anyone's cloud to store things I buy…whether it's music, movies, whatever…but maybe I'm just old and not "with it"…lol


what. your projects will don't have to put in the cloud at all.


Everything crazy said is true but there's a bigger problem, your projects will live in the cloud and the cloud can be hacked and your project is everywhere.


been using subscription for a while now, works fine.

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