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some doctor's children become doctors. some plumber's children become plumbers. some entertainer's children become entertainers… paltrow, jolie, osbourne, ross, cole, sheen, aniston… if they are talented and don't derail on drugs the sky's the limit.


I mean, it was certainly entertaining and fun, but it's not the "second coming." Geez.

Melvin Harris

I love it! Just… just awesome!
Now all I need is for someone to 'Uncle Phil' Jazz out of a door and all will be right in the world.


Love the old school nods! Will does not play around or slack when it comes to publicity. Drawing every card in the deck. Full tilt boogie, high energy, grind till opening day. I can't fault someone for working hard.

bohemian princess

I've got to admit I enjoyed the heck out of that. Good times.

Mark & Darla

Jump niggers jump, jump for the people to go see your movie.


LOL! That was great. Born entertainers.


Is, After Earth really that bad???


This was fantastic! Made my day. I love the way both Willow and Jaden are down for their father's silliness! They're both born entertainers!

Love the Smith family!!!!


I don't like the way Will Smith has been trying to shove his offspring through the throats of movie goers… but this was good fun. The man sure knows how to work an audience.

August Wasoba

Mr. Fourth of July indeed! A born entertainer


Only Will Smith will do anything to sell a movie.
Hollywood's golden goose.

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