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Inside Dreamworks “Open VDB”

Inside Dreamworks "Open VDB"

Dreamworks has released Open VDB, an open source framework developed by DWA engineers for sparse volume data. This is especially useful for volumetric effects, such as clouds. I recently interviewed Ken Museth and Jeff Wike of Dreamworks to learn a bit more about Open VDB and what it is all about.

Integration of and support for OpenVDB 1 will be available in several widely used commercial products:

Houdini 12.5, Side Effects Software’s award-winning 3D animation and visual effects package.

The next major release of Pixar’s award-winning RenderMan software

Solid Angle’s upcoming releases of Arnold core and Houdini-to-Arnold supports OpenVDB 1 through a set of volume shaders, including advanced effects such as volumetric indirect lighting.

A reference implementation for Maya import/export of OpenVDB 1 will be available from later this year.

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