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Inside Pablo Escobar: Oscar Isaac To Play Famed Drug Kingpin In Upcoming Biopic

Inside Pablo Escobar: Oscar Isaac To Play Famed Drug Kingpin In Upcoming Biopic

So how good is it to be Oscar Isaac right now? Thus far, he’s worked with directors Nicolas Winding Refn, Ridley Scott, Zack Snyder, Steven Soderbergh and of course, the Coen Brothers on their upcoming “Inside Llewyn Davis.” And with that film set to light up Cannes next week and likely to send Isaac into orbit, he’s putting his name to a biopic about someone Hollywood has been trying to make a movie about for years.

Isaac will lead “The Lincoln Lawyer” director Brad Furman‘s untitled Pablo Escobar biopic. First announced two years ago, and ambitiously described as a mix between “The Godfather” and a war movie, the film has a Black List-approved script by Matt Aldrich, who penned “Father Daughter Time: A Tale of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses,” that’s set up as a directing vehicle for Matt Damon. But this movie has some competition.

Netflix is already cooking up a series about Escobar with “RoboCop” helmer Jose Padilha, while Benicio Del Toro plays the drug czar in a supporting role in the forthcoming “Paradise Lost.” Too much Escobar? We’ll see. Still, it’s a big, meaty leading man role for Isaac and we’re sure it’s just the first of many more to come. [Deadline]

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Vinny Chase



It's about time; more Oscar Isaac! Amazing actor.

Jim Rabbit Ears Smith

Three whole paragraphs and no mention of Vince's pursuit on Entourage? Shame on you, Indiewire, shame!

Rob Roy

And Enrique Urbizu (No Rest For The Wicked) is going to shoot another english-language Escobar biopic. Escobar everywhere. – Anyway I like Oscar Isaac, he´s a good choice


hiiiiighly recommend people check him out as Jose Ramos-Horta in 'Balibo'. Incredible film.

Adam Scott Thompson

Isaac, for the win!

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