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Instead Of A Movie, ’24’ Might Just Return To TV After All

Instead Of A Movie, '24' Might Just Return To TV After All

Despite Antoine Fuqua‘s best efforts to get it off the ground, the “24” film was finally caught in a development cougar trap last month, with the director admitting “it’s not happening.” A matter of star Kiefer Sutherland‘s schedule and paycheck were cited as reasons, but as the actor’s alternative Fox show “Touch” now comes to a cancelled end, it seems the series may be revived at its original platform after all.

Deadline reports the drama may return to Fox as a limited series, with “24” showrunner Howard Gordon — now exec-producer on “Homeland” — leading the charge. He reportedly pitched a new story arc with Sutherland’s Jack Bauer character to the show’s producers, and former executive producer David Fury has also tweeted his involvement, saying “Yep, I’m pulling double duty along w/ [FX series] “Tyrant.”

No deals have yet been set, but Sutherland is naturally in talks to reprise his iconic role, with no word on the rest of the cast. It’s understandable why “24” would be rebooted: the show picked up multiple Emmys during its run, scored great ratings, and boosted the careers of nearly everyone involved. The only question now is concerning the state of Bauer if and when the series returns, and just how quickly “Dammit!” will enter back into his lexicon accordingly.

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Can't wait. Nothing has captured my interest even remotely!!! Bring it!

Jacques DeMolay

Gods, I hope this happens one way or another. 24 was lowest-common-denominator entertainment of the BEST kind. It didn't have the quality and caliber of execution and heft of something like Sopranos, Breaking Bad or Mad Men, but it was also one of the most intense thrill rides of a show ever made. Not even LOST could do cliffhanger endings and WTF plot twists like 24 could. And also Jack Bauer is the greatest.

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