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John Korty discusses “Twice Upon A Time”

John Korty discusses "Twice Upon A Time"

Director John Korty appeared at The Cinefamily last week, to screen his personal 35mm print of the rarely seen Ladd Company/Lucasfilm animated feature Twice Upon A Time (1983). His very informative Q & A with director Phil Lord (Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs) and Cinefamily programmer Alex McDonald explained how the film got funded, its troubled production, and why Korty may not return to animated films – until he’s in a wheelchair. 

Korty had such a long explaination for why there are two versions of the film – one “G” rated, the other “PG” – that he wrote it out and handed printed explainations to the audience as they left the theatre. That has now been posted at The Cinefamily website

The entire Cinefamily interview with Korty is posted below. Well worth 40 minutes of your time. 

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Saw the "naughty" version in my hometown theater as a kid and it absolutely captivated me. We've got to have this released back into the wild.

Alex D.

This movie deserves more love. It's terrible, how a lack of communication midst production and release caused this movie to become so obscure.


Hopefully the film will be released on DVD soon. I heard that the Warner Archive Collection had plans to release it, but nothing has come of it so far. You'd think that a film that had George Lucas and David Fincher involved in the production would have had a DVD release by now.

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