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Johnny Depp Doesn’t Work For Less Than $20 Million, Exits Gangster Flick ‘Black Mass’

Johnny Depp Doesn't Work For Less Than $20 Million, Exits Gangster Flick 'Black Mass'

According to the always reliable source known as The Internet, Johnny Depp‘s net worth is in the ballpark of $350 million. Whatever the actual figure is, dude has money to spare and then some, and hell, he owns his own private island in the Bahamas. They say getting rich is easy, but staying rich is hard, and for Depp, that means you have to stick to your principles. So if your fee is $20 million, you don’t dare cut it just because some indie movie is having a bit of trouble getting financing together.

And that’s the case of the Whitey Bulger biopic “Black Mass,” as the Barry Levinson film headed to Cannes to try and drum up sales in advance of its planned shoot this summer, just to find out that not many people were interested in buying a non-Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp movie. Perhaps that’s because audiences don’t care anymore about a non-Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp movie, as his last indie flick, “The Rum Diary,” took in only a paltry $23 million. Either way, given the reception in Cannes, producers of “Black Mass” were trying to find ways to shrink the already small $60 million budget, and asked Depp if he would reduce his $20 million salary by half. (Quick math: Depp’s salary was a third of the budget). He refused and bailed on the movie altogether. Depp cannot live on $10 million. (In another, purely coincidental news, “Pirates Of The Caribbean 5just got some new directors).

So now, the film is looking for a new lead actor, and hoping to retain Joel Edgerton who signed up a couple of weeks ago. All this to say, this probably good news for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who have been developing their own Whitey Bulger movie. Getting Depp out of the way as competition will certainly help those efforts, and we’ll see if “Black Mass” can even survive with a major A-list star walking away. [THR]

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what an asshole


When you start talking "condescending" and "pompous," look no further than Damon & Affleck. Only reason I'd buy a ticket to anything they were in would be if Depp were in it. And I'm glad he's passed on Black Mass, especially since they're trying to set him up to be the fall guy. Bulger deserved LESS attention, not more.


When he signed on to do Charlie and the Chocolate factory , he tried to get paid in red gummy bears , am I really suppose to believe he walked away from this movie because of a pay-cut ?


None of this "news" has been validated. The internet spreads rumors without bothering to see if there is any truth involved. They print the rumor and the hate comments commence. Johnny Depp has done plenty of films for practically nothing. Whatever the reason he left this project, I doubt the details have been thrown out for the gossip sites, or, if you want to get technical, "movie sites." It would be so nice if these sites would do more than quote The Hollywood Reporter,, which is only a step about gossip tabloids.


Maybe Depp doesn't want to work with Joel Egerton. Getting along well with the co-star is important. Fire Edgerton's ass and beg Depp. It's the only way to save the movie.


I hope that with this decision they advance a little faster with the Pirates film.

Mainly minor

He can't sell a movie without whiteface, and everyone's waiting for the Affleck &Damon project anyway. No loss to the movie going public.


why the hate for depp,Op? i don't think the whole thing was about the salery


Depp's recent reported salaries (IMDB):

Rum Diary: $15 Mill.
Rango: $7.5 Mill.
The Tourist: $20 Mill.
Charlie and the Choc. Factory: $18 Mill.
Alice in Wonderland: $50 Mill. (assume that includes percentage)
POC: On Stranger Tides: $55.5 Mill. (same)

Flo B

I don't believe the money thing at all. If Johnny really liked the role he would do it. The more I read about Bulger the more I really don't care for him he is a real piece of work.


I don't get the stupidity of these producers. It isn't Depp's problem that they advertise that they can finance the thing when they can't. I'm almost certain Depp doesn't always work for 20 million. I'm almost certain some of the issues has to do with the movie itself, rather than about the money.

I look forward to Affleck and Damons version. But that film is at least beyond 2015, perhaps even as far away as 2016.


Good news. I'd rather see an Affleck/Damon version of the Bulger story.

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