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Kickstarter Campaign For New Doc About Black Tea Partiers (Yes There Are A Few…)

Kickstarter Campaign For New Doc About Black Tea Partiers (Yes There Are A Few...)

So you may recall back in March (HERE) I reported about a
new documentary in the works called Black Tea: The New Civil Right, or as I would like to call it, as I said back
then (and still do), The Descendants of
(for those of you who know Django).

I first heard about the doc when the filmmaker of the
project, Kevin Dotson, appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball to talk about his film
which deals with those lost and confused souls who are black members of the Tea
Party Movement.

Now I admit that I am just teensy weensy biased about black people who are members of the movement
and have nothing but contempt for them. Which is why really I admire Mr.
Dotson, as well as his producer, Katy
of Katy Jordan Media (HERE) who are much better people than I am, and who will be working as
objective journalists in their approach to letting the audience decide for

However, the film, which is scheduled to be completed this fall, now currently has Kickstarter campaign going
on to raise $50,000 by June 13th to help complete
his film.

And it’s for sure to be a controversial film once it’s
completed, which makes it even better.

To go to the Kickstarter page go HERE.

Below is the
first trailer for the film:

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I bet during their Teabagger rallies the black folks are somewhat segregated from the crowd. SMDH.

julius hollingsworth

Harlem had a black tea party.They were pro-obama and civility nothing like the people who get all the light.Contact me if you want to know more . We got some coverage on New York One.


I am a bit curious to watch this doc? Somewhat. However, I am not sure that I am that interested in seeing it.


I wouldn't give him a dime. Sorry, but the subject matter is completely offensive and these people don't deserve our attention.


Looks like it was made by a high school drop out. Sometimes there is just no there there, and this faux controversy is stirring a shit soup that does not exist. "But if you build it, they will come", must be the motto of the director of this wet firecracker. Only right wing racists and a few black Norman/a Desmonds' looking for their close-up would donate money to have this turd materialize.

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