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Michael B. Jordan Reportedly In Contention To Play The Human Torch In ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

Michael B. Jordan Reportedly In Contention To Play The Human Torch In 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

So says The Wrap exclusively. 

The fact that the Fantastic Four reboot helmer Josh Trank previously directed Michael B. Jordan in last year’s surprise hit Chronicle, suggests this could be a possibility.

Although it’s not a done deal; Jordan is said to be “in contention,” meaning he’s just one on a list of actors being considered. But it’s good new for him; it means there’s a growing awareness of him and his talents, within studio executive suites, enough that they’d consider him, an African American, for the part.

I suppose he’s also *hot* right now, coming off the immense buzz around his performance in Ryan Coogler’s Fruitvale, which The Weinstein Company picked up for a late summer release, and which is considered an early Awards season favorite.

As far as I know, The Human Torch has always been white, from the comic books to the screen – most recently the pair of FF4 movies Tim Story directed, in which Chris Evans played the character.

So if this actually becomes a reality, get ready for all the cries from fanboys and fangirls about colorblind casting.

But let’s see if this has any legs… as of right now, Twentieth Century Fox isn’t commenting on the news…

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Dankwa Brooks

I agree with NADIA I think this is a win for Michael. It's high profile and a potential franchise wouldn't hurt a damn thing. I consider Jennifer Lawrence a "serious actor" and she signed on for a franchise pic and STILL won an Oscar. In this "plugged in" world people are aware that these are actors playing a role and typecasting is not the same anymore.


I don't get all the negativity around this. It's a win for Michael. Maybe folks still have the bitter taste of the last Fantastic Four movies in their mouths. But this isn't coming from the same team. It's a whole new production with the guy who directed Chronicle making it. So I'm optimistic. I thought Chronicle was a good movie with that approached the superhero story a bit differently and he did a good job with the budget he had to work with and a cast of mostly unknowns. It'll be a high profile project and if it's actually good and does well, I don't see anything but a win for Michael. Let's give it a chance.


I agree with DARKAN. Michael should steer clear of this. Sounds like stunt casting just to bring in a larger black audience with no regard to his talent.


Wait a minute….hold the phone, hold the ipod, hold the remote.

I am all for actors of color booking positive roles, but as a fangirl I have questions.

1. Are they about to make half of the "Fantastic Four" cast brown?

2. I ask this because Johnny and Sue Storm are brother and sister.

3. If so, are they going to make him adopted or make his sister someone like Necole Beharie?

4. If not, is he going to be considered being adopted?

5. Knowing the way that Hollywood works I doubt the cast will be all brown. Kerry Washington was in the first set of movies. Will they recast her from Ben Grimm's love interest to becoming Sue Storm?

6. Is the new "Fantastic Four" going to look like a 2 hr version of "Scandal" with superheroes?

Questions…..I have questions. LOL!!!!!


I love Micheal B Jordan but take my advice Michael, that would be a bad move. Steer clear away from that scenario. Nothing good would come from it especially it being a Fox Film. Took Tim Story years to recover from the disastrous Fantastic Four films and the bad casting of those minus Michael Chikilis.

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