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Michelle Williams Offered Lead In Remake Of ‘South Pacific’

Michelle Williams Offered Lead In Remake Of 'South Pacific'

So here’s some interesting news of the day: Bob Balaban is producing a remake of the musical “South Pacific.” It’s a bit surprising, considering his credits as a producer thus far have been few, with “Gosford Park” the most notable, but yeah, he’s hoping to give the Rodgers and Hammerstein stage musical a contemporary big-screen redo. And he’s found someone to possibly be his new Mitzi Gaynor.

Michelle Williams has been offered the part of Nellie Forbush, in the movie that will chronicle the romances that bloom between an American nurse and an expatriate Frenchman in the South Pacific, and a U.S. lieutenant and a Tonkinese woman, as race issues play out in the background. And that’s really about all. According to the Daily Mail, this version of the musical will incorporate the songs more organically by hewing closer to the novel by James Michener that first inspired the stage show. However, nothing is signed and the movie is still developing, so don’t get too overly excited.

Producers are aiming high, with Hugh Jackman and Justin Timberlake on the wishlist to play De Becque and Lieutenant Cable, respectively, but again, those are guys they’re hoping for, not who they’ll necessarily get. But if someone like Williams does become attached, that will certainly help get the ball rolling in assembling an A-list cast, for the effort slated to be directed by Michael Mayer (“A Home At The End Of The World“). Thoughts?

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If they hire non singers like past few musicals (Sweeney Todd, etc). it will be horrible. Hugh Jackman is a quality actor and entertainer but his voice is really too ugly for Emily De Beque.


This is the kind of remake idea that I'm in support of. It is not a remake of a high-profile classic but of a lesser-known commodity, therefore no crazy expectations they have to live up to. So if these guys see something in the original film that is great and have found a sly way to translate it into a remake, then I say go for it: cast Michelle Williams, honor the original, and do something cool and interesting with it.


Michelle is great . she have talent .she can do it


Michelle Williams is not much of a singer. This is worse than Eva Mendes singing in her perfume commercials. Hollywood, please, stop the madness.

Alan B

Balaban is a mega-hunk. That is all.


I don't mind the casting ideas but why South Pacific? It's not very timely anymore and frankly it won't make a lot of sense to modern audiences.

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