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NBC Officially Cancels ‘Deception’

NBC Officially Cancels 'Deception'

Bad news Deception fans. NBC has officially canceled the dramatic soap series after one season.

It’s not a huge surprise, especially after the network’s April 26 press release announcing drama series that would be renewed for next season, its 2013-14 slate, and Deception wasn’t on that list of titles.

Although the network did warn, at the time, that there would be more returning series announcements made in the following 2 weeks, so we didn’t write off Deception’s return right away.

Taking a look at Deception (which starred Meagan Good and Laz Alonso), it debuted to 5.6 million viewers and a 2.0 rating, which wasn’t all that strong to begin with. After its debut, it hovered around the 3+ million viewers mark, a 40% drop from its premiere highs, which is hefty. Its first season ended on March 18, airing 11 episodes total.

It was a losing time slot for NBC, with ABC and CBS leading the hour.

Also worth considering in all this is that NBC did order at least 2 new pilots centered around black leads for next season, like the yet-to-be-titled political action thriller set in Washington DC, starring Lance Gross and Michael Beach; and then there’s the Craig Robinson-centered comedy from The Office executive producer Greg Daniels, which Larenz Tate will co-star in.

Of course neither may make it to series.

Stay tuned…

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pat steen

Wow, very disappointed with NBC. Deception was a very good show, they just left loyal fans hanging and couldn't wait for season 2. This show had a great cast and it was very well written. But this is what NBC Does. I remember a couple of shows different worlds and more. Wow NBC. Maybe Oprah Winfrey can pick it up Bet Or TV One. Somebody. Well I am for getting this show back. I am on the move.


I agree with those that said good cast, good characters (John Laroquette was a scene stealer) but the writing was unsteady and at times, sloppy. I would notice little details that were completely off but I'm annoying that way (lol).

Too bad. 15-29 years ago, the network would've given it a second season (where would Cheers be, if they didn't give it another chance after a dismal debut season?) but that is the nature of the beast these days.


Sorry to see a good thing go. I mean the cast was great. And I do believe it would have benefitted from being on FX. Look at The Americans. It's a sexy show, but it's got suspense, espionage, and material that make it not quite network appropriate. FX save it!


I place it all on the story. Concept was good. Actors wonderfuln they just needed something to work with. I think they could all shine had this been on an edgier channel like FX or AMC.


Great actors. Good characters. I rate things 8-10 that are really good, and it was a 7.9 in my book. Just a bit weak…safe….in the writing. An edgier script could have made all the difference. Bring this ensemble back with a new concept. They all shine individually.


So necessary. I'm sure most of the cast will quickly get scooped up by other projects.


I did give this show a chance. I watched most of the episodes live so I could help out with the ratings. I just don't think the storyline was compelling enough. Although Meagan is a decent actress, she was wrong for this role. I know people still want to give her a chance since she was really great in Eve's Bayou.

jeanettes daughter

sigh. that can happen when you don't have a really good story with a really good cast. send them to amc-tv camp! a pretty black woman is NOT enough. a pretty black man is NOT enough. racy swirling sexy interracial hookups – NOT enough. get us and keep us with the story or we will click off. on the other hand, who really knows why anything is cancelled? good stories have been axed, too.


I think it was those Groucho Marx drawn eyebrows of hers that did the show in

Matthew Milam

I feel bad for Meagan Good. I believe NBC wanted this to be like Scandal. I'm sure another season would have worked out the kinks. (Truth be told I don't watch either show, but I'm happy for their success none the less).

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