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NBC Picks Up Lance Gross Political Thriller ‘Crisis’ (Michael Beach Co-stars)

NBC Picks Up Lance Gross Political Thriller 'Crisis' (Michael Beach Co-stars)

Missed this one in all the hullabaloo yesterday and the day before, with cancellations, new pickups and drops.

Now titled Crisis (it didn’t have a title before), NBC has picked up the Lance Gross thriller from writer/executive producer Rand Ravich.

Gross stars alongsideDermot Mulroney and Gillian Anderson, in what is described as an emotionally-charged political action thriller set in Washington DC, that will follow Marcus Finley (played by Gross), an idealistic Secret Service agent who finds himself at the center of an international crisis on his first day on the job as the President’s son’s protection, when the son, along with several of his schoolmates, are kidnapped. 

Here’s NBC’s official synopsis for the series:

It’s field trip day for the students of Ballard High School, a place that educates the children of Washington, D.C.’s elite, top-of-their-industry CEOs, international diplomats, political power players and even the president’s son. But when their bus is ambushed on a secluded rural road, the teenagers and their chaperones are taken, igniting a national crisis. Now with some of the country’s most powerful parents at the mercy of one vengeful mastermind, the question arises: How far would you go and what would you become to ensure your child’s safe return? With so many parents and dignitaries put into play with nowhere to turn and no one to trust, this unthinkable scenario grows from the select families at risk to an entire nation at stake. 

Michael Beach will play the FBI Director who’s managing the crisis, joining Rachael TaylorStevie Lynn Jones, Halston Sage, Joshua Erenberg, Max Schneider, James Lafferty, and Max Martini, rounding out the cast.

Phillip Noyce (Salt, Patriot Games) directed the pilot.

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I'll tune in. Gross was pretty good in "The Last Fall" – I liked him in that film. I think it'll work for this series.


Great eye candy for the ladies and some men. He's just not a good actor. The eye candy may be enough to keep the audience tuned in.


This is exactly the type of role he needs. If he gets a full season with the right action scenes he will become a studio star. Most shows NBC produce don't keep attention because of action sequences.


How are they going to milk this story line for more than 1 season? This screams mini series than regular series. Unless this is a season long story line and he faces something different every season.


This is a shocker. Has he been picked up along with the show for sure?


This will be an early casualty next season I bet. Lance is pretty but never bought him as an actor.

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