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Neil LaBute’s ‘Some Girl(s)’ Is the First Live-Action Narrative to Self Release Via Vimeo-On-Demand

Neil LaBute's 'Some Girl(s)' Is the First Live-Action Narrative to Self Release Via Vimeo-On-Demand

The Neil LaBute-penned comedy “Some Girl(s)” will be the first live-action narrative feature to be released exclusively on Vimeo, as part of the site’s new Vimeo-On-Demand program that they launched at SXSW, where the film also premiered. Leeden Media turned down distribution offers to release the film on Vimeo and in select theaters on June 28.

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“The opportunity to go straight from artist to audience is the future and Vimeo is offering a fantastic new platform,” producer and partner at Leeden Media Patty West said.” We were inspired by Amanda Palmer and Shane Carruth, as well as, of course, one of the stars of our film, Kristen Bell, with her $5.7M Kickstarter campaign. These artists are doing it themselves and going directly to their audience. That’s really exciting for filmmakers.”

Based LaBute’s play by the same name, “Some Girl(s)” stars Adam Brody as a successful writer who, on the eve of his wedding, travels across the country to make amends with his past lovers (played by Bell, Mia Maestro, Emily Watson, Jennifer Morrison and Zoe Kazan).

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Dave Henri

Umm… slight misrepresentation here. While I look forward to seeing the film, and it's probably the highest budget Live-Action narrative feature to appear on Vimeo's new VOD platform, there are already several live action dramatic features.

For example, my film. FINDING FOCUS won best "no budget" feature at the American Independent Film Festival and was launched on Vimeo On Demand the day it went live.



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