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Reese Witherspoon Says ‘Three Little Words’ To Her ‘Walk The Line’ Director James Mangold

Reese Witherspoon Says 'Three Little Words' To Her 'Walk The Line' Director James Mangold

WHAT ARREST? Is the phrase Reese Witherspoon is likely hoping people will soon be saying as America’s (former?) sweetheart bounces back from her embarrassing arrest (she’s human, who knew?) by lining up project after project. Last week she booked both the sci-fi “Passengers” and the comedy thing “Depth Of Field,” and now she’s adding some prestige sauce on top of her  mix of never-ending, developing projects.

Witherspoon is re-teaming with James Mangold, the guy who directed her to an Oscar win for “Walk The Line,” for the equally awards-baity project, “Three Little Words.” Based on the memoir by Ashley Rhodes-Courter, the film will chronicle the true story of one Florida girl who goes through a helluva time in the foster care system, and will center on the efforts of a case worker (Witherspoon) to convince the girl’s biological mother (Amanda Seyfried is currently in the mix to play the part) to give up her rights to the child.

Want some more bonafides? Lewis Colick (“The Fighter“) and Michael Petroni (“The Book Thief) penned the script, and this could come together pretty fast, as a September shoot is being eyed. The redemption of Reese Witherspoon? We’ll soon find out. [THR]

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Kevin, this is one of your worst articles ever, especially the first sentence. Was that meant as joke? Failed.
And "The redemption of Reese Witherspoon?" A little bit over the top, don`t you think?
I don´t like Witherspoon very much and I don´t think that she`s a great actress, but come on, those sentences are beyound cheap, really.

And by the way, Lewis Colick is the writer of embarrassments like "Ladder 49", "Ghosts of Mississippi" and "Domestic disturbance". He has nothing to do with "The fighter". He wrote one good screenplay in 1999 "October Sky". Check your facts.
And if Michael Petroni, writer of those classics like "Queen of the damned" and "The rite", is a bonfide remains to be seen.


Instead of trying to find work, she needs to make amends for what she did.

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