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S&A ‘Scandal’ Recap – ‘You’re All I Need To Get By’ And Then It Was Over…

S&A 'Scandal' Recap - 'You're All I Need To Get By' And Then It Was Over...

Last night’s “Scandal” was a game-changer and felt very much like a season finale despite the fact that we have two more episodes.  Shonda even gave us a bit more humor to add to the suspense.  What more does she have in store for us?

Let’s start with Olivia Pope & Associates’ investigation of Charlie.  Huck emerges to help the crew out with a bit of humor: 

“That’s Charlie.” 

“How do you know?”

“That’s his ear.”  

Huck tells us that Charlie is good and he doesn’t make mistakes.  So, I wasn’t surprised to find out he didn’t join the book club because of his interest in literature.  Once we find out that Charlie is after the Defiance information it eases all fears that Cyrus is the mole.  But given this information one has to wonder what Charlie is up to?  Especially, when we see him sitting in Captain Ballard’s apartment where he can easily be identified.  He definitely wanted Jake to know who he was.  Is Charlie working from someone else?  Does Charlie have his own axe to grind?  We found out last episode that he is linked to Joe Morton’s character and that he broke more than a few rules during the Huck mission.   So many possibilities for this story line.

I thought Cyrus might pass-out from some stress related ailment the whole episode.  He had quite a lot to deal with.  He was busy using every tool in his toolbox to try to get Mellie and the President to come to a cease-fire.  

In the middle of it all James announces that he has been offered a television job with BNC.  He had so much on his plate he didn’t even have time or the wherewithal to put the kibosh on it.  But this little lapse in his façade actually healed the rift in his marriage.  At least for the moment.  

The quote from James was priceless when asked if the marriage was okay; he replied, “Why wouldn’t it be? You gave me what I wanted.”  

Cyrus takes this revelation to the President who sent him packing earlier, instructing him to clue Mellie in on the finer points of mutually assured destruction.  But when Cyrus presents his deal to Mellie, appealing to her ambition and offering her a political career in exchange for her blind eye, Mellie let’s Cyrus know, “Olivia Pope just left my husband’s office.  I have as many friends over there as you do.  I want what I asked for.”  

Mellie was not playing around, and when President Grant takes Cyrus’ advice and ends up at Olivia’s, she did what I don’t think anyone expected, she told the world about the President’s extramarital activities.  

Which brings us to Olivia and President Grant’s relationship.  At the beginning of the episode, Olivia was still livid and being “protected” by Ballard despite all efforts to make it cease.  So when the President forces Olivia to come to the white house and Olivia literally and figuratively took the gloves off, I thought: “finally she does what she should have done a long time ago.”  

Another priceless quote in this episode this time from Olivia: “ . . . I am not a fantasy!  If you want me, earn me!”  

I’m usually on Facebook while watching and that quote set my feed on fire!  

Meanwhile, Captain Ballard catches a break when he and Cyrus face off for the first time.  The Captain takes this one, but we all know not to count Cyrus out.  

Olivia appears to be literally and figuratively letting him in and he wastes no time working the angles.  So when he poses the question, “How deep are you in with him?” regarding President Grant, I thought “oh boy.”  

When he presses and she kisses him, but he doesn’t take the hint, she says, “I don’t know what you are talking about,” I thought “that’s my girl.”  She seemed to be handling both men in her life.  

Sometimes I can hardly take her weaknesses, but if she didn’t have these weaknesses, we wouldn’t have a show I guess.  

Moving on . . . President Grant arrives at her house, gives his big speech and the Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell classic “You are all I need to get by” starts playing, and I am sure we all knew it was over.  I know I am in the minority camp for not loving this relationship.  I couldn’t help thinking of that scene from “Psycho,” when they were in the shower, because while they were busy getting busy, Mellie laid down her cards and was bludgeoning them both.  Figuratively of course.

The last little detail is the business with the Mole in President Grant’s administration.  Most of the episode we are lead to believe that Cyrus is the mole.  But unless Cyrus is somehow connected to Joe Morton’s character, and we don’t know about it yet, we shouldn’t have that concern.  But if anyone thought he might actually be the mole, those fears should have quickly gone away when Captain Ballard talks to Joe Morton’s character about Cyrus knowing too much about his mission.  

As usual, we are left with a lot of questions.  What will President Grant do when he finds out that Mellie called his bluff?  What will Olivia do to fix this situation now that she is her own client?  What’s up with Charlie?  If Cyrus wasn’t the mole, what was Cyrus planning to do to Olivia?  What is Captain Ballard’s next move?  How will his feelings for Olivia affect those decisions?

We know from the preview that Olivia will be, at least, pondering the question, “What is your end game,” and that Huck thinks he knows who the mole is.  

With two more episodes left what are your predictions?

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Somebody call 911.


Everyone who states that a woman as strong as Olivia wouldn't be swayed by her feelings for Ftitz must lead an extraordinary life with superpowers… I and too many of my smart girlfriends have fell in love and stayed too damn long with unworthy men for me to agree with that lofty and unrealistic opinion. Love is irrational so like the song goes: Anything Goes and often does. meanwhile last night's episode was very entertaining!


No, you aren't in the minority for DISLIKING this relationship. I literally HATE Olivia and Fitzgerald's relationship!
Nothing will come out of it….nor will anything else come out of this show. The president will NOT divorce Mellie nor will she leave the House. Olivia will never officially become the president's woman. Olivia will continue to be his sex slave, doormat, harlot, Jezebel, prostitute (need I say more) all at her own emotional expense. We'll continue to see these sex rendezvous b/w them. Nothing more. No intimacy…ever! The president will never tell Olivia he loves her w/o sexing her up. Olivia will never be treasured and valued by him.
Fitzgerald is a broken record. He claims he'll give up the presidency because he wants Olivia that much yet it is season 3 just about and he has yet to fulfill that claim. You either do it or don't.
Fitzgerald can call Olivia out her name more than enough and she continues to traipses around him…and waits for the man. WHAT?!
(I'm sure Olivia will have a pregnancy scare and won't know who the baby daddy is – Jake or Fitz)

Initially, I liked the show. And I thought Olivia would eventually be selfish and release the sleaze that is Fitzgerald for good. Or Fitzgerald would in fact remove himself as president and live happily ever after with Olivia. However, if that would occur then there isn't really a point for the show anymore…


"F*** this show. F*** Shonda. And f*** ABC."

"The most influential black woman in television is on a mission to set black people back 50 years. And for what? More fucking money? Greed? This is an embarrassment. I'm sure the white execs at ABC are laughing at the expense of the black sheep who tune into this crap"

"My sentiments exactly. Lol"

I agree Darkan, looks like a damn soap… and this is why my name is Stephen the house negro and will be until a black woman wins an oscar for best actress, not taking it on all fours with someone like Billy Bob behind them"

Not to pile on, but a scene from "Malcolm X" comes to mind. Elijah Muhammad poured black ink into a glass of water and said, "If you give this to the people, they'll drink it… if they're thirsty." Then he poured a clean glass of water and declared, "If you give the people a choice, they will choose the pure vessel." I wish it was that simple, but we can't afford to keep drinking the inked-up water.

"I agree ADAM, stop being sheep! We have become so desperate for anything that looks like us-we accept anything"

"I have to agree with Adam Scott Thomson and the Ghost writer. Sometimes we are so desperate for programming that some will accept anything and applaud it. Anthony Mackie said it a while back, we have the production companies, and film makers to do this. Yet Shonda can only come up with this? Are we so thirsty for love and acceptance that we'll support the notion that all black women chase married white men? I suspect its a money issue. hhhmmm"

But KANDIEZZ, it's not Shonda's fault. She has a network to please and keep profitable. So she is running all cylinders as to how to bring black eye balls and viewers to the network. It's simply business. Black folks are thirty though, and she needs an audience. So *Shrugs*

"I agree RB, and yo that's Kerry Washing from The Last King of Scotland. That's the Universe's way of paying her back for sleeping with Idi Amin's doctor. YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA, WHAT'S MY NAME!?… CALL MY NAME…. YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA! **smacking that ass**"

GETTHESENETS, you crack me up… but wait a minute, OPPS… it looks like I've fallen down another rabbit hole. Damn, it has the feel of the same ol' same ol' song, but it's playing on a different page. However, I hear the message loud and clear. :-()

Jen Jen

Natasha, I'm with you on Olitz. The whole relationship gives me gas. There was nothing endearing about watching Fitz with that smackable smirk as the clock ran down. He still hasn't done a dang thing for Olivia. He's still married. He still called her a whore after the Defiance revelation a few episodes ago. To be honest, their co-dependence is a little disturbing. Now, this doesn't mean I'll stop watching the show. :)


1. James is absolutely hilarious.
2. Cyrus to Olivia: Have you seen him? Are you seeing him? Do you plan to see him? Or are you just doing the heavy breathing phone routine these days?

I could feel Cyrus' stress through the TV screen.


Believe me, you are not the only one hating the Fitz/Olivia pairing in this show. I hate Fitz. He's a possessive @$$ hole who wants to have his cake and eat it to. I especially don't like how he treats Olivia, telling what she can, will, and won't do like he's God. I was just hoping that Olivia wouldn't sleep with him at the end, but as you say, her weakness.

I'm curious as to who Charlie is working for. Cyrus isn't afraid to kill someone close to him (remember he almost killed James) and I'm sure he's ballsy enough to do it.

Charlie may have some history with Jake, whic is why he was careless to come into his home with out a hat on or anything else. They also work for the same people, so they may have worked together at one point.

Jake is in way too deep. Although I really, really, want this relationship to last, I have a feeling he won't be around for too long. Especially if Cy tells the President about him and Liv (which will make him mad at Olivia and probably push him back towards Mellie). Glad this wasn't the last episode of the season, can't wait to see what they have in store next episode.


Thoughts on last night's episode:

I became nervous when Cyrus had his head in his hands, because a stressed Cyrus means that someone is about to die. Sure enough, in the next scene he tells Mellie that he can get rid of Olivia. Thank God that Olivia is the main character, so I don't see them killing her off. They may make her disappear for half the season, though. Cyrus almost killed his own husband, so no one is safe.

It was genius that of all people to call, Mellie called James to do the interview.

Olivia told Fitz, "If You Want Me, Earn Me!!!". The sad thing is, he really doesn't have to do anything to earn her. Sure, he sat with her until the "clock" on his marriage ran out, but that is in theory. Nothing is stopping him from reconciling with Mellie next week and carrying on as usual.

Fitz needs to stop with the "I'll give up the presidency for you" lines. Do it……give up your job and become a private citizen. Divorce your wife and marry Olivia…….yeah right, I don't see that happening until the SERIES finale of the show, if it even happens then.

I don't really like Jake, but I was glad that he didn't fall for the lie that Cyrus tried to pull over the phone. Jake knew better than to leave his post at Olivia's house. It's no telling what Cyrus would have done if Jake had left.

Mellie really mainly cares about political power. She was almost ready to take Cyrus's deal. Note that she didn't say that she didn't want to be a governor or senator, she just said that "It's not enough". That leads me to believe that if she had been offered a Vice Presidency or Secretary of State position she may have taken that and had not done the interview.

Jake revealed that he is in the Navy. Jake's boss is Huck and Charlie's former boss. Does that mean that Huck was in the Navy, or does that mean that Jake's boss has changed jobs at least once?

Huck is my favorite character by far!!! I love how he is so super intense, yet he truly loves those he cares about to the core. He doesn't want Olivia to end up dead like the President's last mistress.

Now everyone at Pope and Associates knows about Olitz, so it's only a matter of time before more people find out. David Rosen is clueless……LOL!!!

I am having a difficult time reconciling Olivia's complete and utter lack of self control with her super strong power exterior, especially after the way he talks to her…..I don't think a woman that strong would keep going back after just a couple of sweet words.

My favorite moment was when Cyrus told Mellie that her second option was on page 2 of the document, and the page was blank. I almost fell out. LOL!!!!

Cyrus screaming "Get up" to Olitz in the preview of next week's episode is hilarious.


1. Mellie is going to name the name of the woman who Fitz was having an affair with, but the name given will not be Olivia Pope

2. Olivia is going to go missing or the audience will find out that something pivotal happened between the time Olivia was knocked out and when she awoke in the hospital

3. A new love interest will be brought in for Olivia. Someone who is a REAL threat to her relationship with Fitz, unlike the guys who have been brought on the show so far. Can someone call D. B. Woodside please?

4. The mole will be revealed, but that revelation will bring in a whole new set of questions. The mole could be someone like one of Fitz's teenage kids we never see.

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