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Scott Cooper To Remake ’36th Precinct’; Kristen Stewart Won’t Star In ‘Lie Down In Darkness’

Scott Cooper To Remake '36th Precinct'; Kristen Stewart Won't Star In 'Lie Down In Darkness'

Between “Crazy Heart” and his forthcoming “Out Of The Furnace,” director Scott Cooper has attached himself to a lot of stuff. “Lie Down In Darkness,” “The Emperor’s Children” (previously a Noah Baumbach project,) a remake of “Carancho” and the Depression-era drama “The Road Home.” It’s quite a to-do list, and now he’s gone and added another to the pile.

Deadline reports that Cooper has signed up rewrite and direct “36th Precinct,” a remake of the Olivier Marchand‘s 2004 effort “36 Quai des Orfèvres.” As busy as he is, it may not be a bad idea at all; the original movie was a solid, if not particularly memorable procedural starring Daniel Auteuil and Gerard Depardieu. It concerned two cops who compete to bring down a criminal gang in order to secure promotion. The new version will center on the NYPD’s anti-terrorism unit, aiming for a more ripped-from-the-headlines feel we suppose. 

“I don’t think many films are too ripe for remaking,” Cooper told HitFix about taking it on, adding that “The French Connection,” “Once Upon a Time in America” and “Se7en” will serve as inspiration. “Trying to remake ‘The Wild Bunch‘ or ‘Scarface‘ is a really bad idea, but this is a film that had certain elements that illuminate the human condition, which is something I look for in everything I do. And I don’t know that many people had seen this film or were aware of it. It easily translates to America and it was different than the other things I had considered; I never want to repeat myself.”

Meanwhile, “Lie Down In Darkness” will now be without Kristen Stewart. That’s right, even though she was announced as part of the cast last summer, Cooper tells HitFix “there was no truth to it.” The film is based on the book by William Styron and follows the travails of the Loftis family — Milton and Helen and their daughters, Peyton and Maudie — and is told through flashbacks on the day of Peyton’s funeral. Cooper is hoping to cast Peyton first, before figuring out who will play Maudie, the part linked to Stewart. Sorry Twihards.

“I wrote the script just after ‘Crazy Heart,’ but with that one, it really comes down to casting,” Cooper explained. “When you’re casting a family, all the elements have to come together perfectly and delicately. I’m in the process of talking to a number of actors and actresses.”

Ultra-busy and apparently attempting delicate perfection, you can Cooper’s latest effort “Out Of The Furnace” when it opens on August 4th.

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I think Kristen should get the part of Phoebe. It would be a chance to really see what she can do. She started at age eight and she has gotten great reviews from the critics and some awards. So why shouldn't she get the chance to finally have a part (another dysfunctional family movie) that will give her the recognition that she deserves, an academy award nomination.


It doesn't sound like a film that is worth doing. The family doesn't have any good qualities from what I've read about it. Do we need a film bout a drunken man that may have committed incest with his daughter who commits suicide.


The gossip sites throw Kristen's name attached to projects but those are lies. Those announcements do not come from Kristen's management. It is a terrible thing to do that hurts her career. Too bad because she is maturing and does seem to take on acting challenges. Many of her counterparts would not have taken on some of the roles that she has taken such as Welcome to the Rileys and The Runways. Many want to start their careers playing nice girls wearing pretty clothes as to get public to like them.


Stewart should just go away. Nobody wants to work w/ an actor full of dirty baggage and reeking w/ deceit and so untrustworthy.


Stewart was linked to the part of Peyton, not Maudie. He said he wanted to cast Milton first, then the rest of the family. It doesn't necessarily mean she definitely won't get the part when it is cast.


Just to correct a typing mistake: "36 Quai des Orfèvres" the 2004 French movie was directed by Olivier Marchal (not Marchand)


George Clooney and Robert De Niro were attached to a remake of this film many years ago.

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