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So Actually, Sam Mendes Likely Returning To Direct The Next Bond After All

So Actually, Sam Mendes Likely Returning To Direct The Next Bond After All

The tantalizing possibilities: Ang Lee, Tom Hooper, David Yates, Shane Black, Nicolas Winding Refn were all evidently being considered for the next James Bond movie (though one manager for one filmmaker we won’t name called the claim “funny”; Christopher Nolan‘s name also popped up.) But before we can even consider a “Bond 24” directed by one of these auteurs — a 3D version from Lee, a NSFW one from Refn and a close-up obsessed iteration from Tom Hooper — word comes down that the much-beloved Sam Mendes who directed “Skyfall” — the highest grossing film in the Bond canon by a wide margin — is now interested in taking the plunge once again.

This runs pretty contrary to everything Mendes felt and said over the last few months. Overwhelmed by what he mounted with “Skyfall,” easily the biggest production of Mendes filmmaking career, and certainly first blockbuster, Mendes, who passed on this directing gig months ago, says he felt “physically ill” at the prospect of directing a “Skyfall” sequel. Reports then said it could take three years for another James Bond movie, and folks like us started handing out helpful suggestions for replacements.

However, Deadline is now reporting that Mendes, presumably not feeling so daunted by the task (or given a healthy financial incentive,) is back in the conversation mix and could take on the next picture, which is being penned by “Skyfall” screenwriter John Logan. The site also comments on the recently rumored names, noting that it’s a “a moot point, because Mendes will be the director of the next Bond.” 

“Skyfall” grossed $1.1 billion worldwide when all was said and done and went on to become the eighth-highest grossing film of all time. So why not bring back the guy who made that happen? It should keep Daniel Craig happy too. It looks like “Skyfall” fans can rest easy and start getting excited for whenever this movie will finally hit theaters.

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Bob Roberts

Sam Mendes is a cynical hack since day one. Screw 'im.

I seriously hope you guys ross douthat

Ang Lee – OK he did The Hulk but this feels quite a way from his particular wheelhouse
Tom Hooper – Not up to big productions
David Yates – Sure
Shane Black – The series has become so English post-Brosnan but HFT if he writes it
Nicolas Winding Refn – They'd never let him, would they?
Christopher Nolan – The first Bond film with no Bond girls
Sam Mendes – Leaving it another three years sucks

Surely it is time to add Renny Harlin and Jan de Bont to the mix.


Skyfall threw out everything interesting from Casino Royale and Quantum for a return to the same old shit of the old movies, they even brought back the misogyny.


Great news. Skyfall was one of the best films of 2012.


Well. That was much for nothing…


Not sure he could pull off a better Bond. Too much pressure.

Adam Scott Thompson

If it ain't broke…

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