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Spike Lee Is Taking Over ‘Sierra Madre’-esque Thriller ‘Gold’ From Michael Mann

Spike Lee Is Taking Over 'Sierra Madre'-esque Thriller 'Gold' From Michael Mann

Michael Mann was previously attached to direct Gold, a contemporary thriller described as being in the vein of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, set around a ruthless search for the precious metal. 

The story is based on a true story about the 1993 Bre-X Mineral Corporation mining scandal

Mann has apparently handed over directorial duties to Spike Lee, reports The Wrap.

Paul Haggis was originally drawn to the script, about the prospectors and speculators on the hunt for gold, as a directing vehicle, but other projects shifted his attention, and he passed it onto Mann who loved it, and attached himself to it, with Haggis producing along with Michael Nozik.

That was in 2011.

And now Mann has passed it onto Spike, because, like Haggis, he also has other projects in development that are vying for his attention.

The Wrap says this just might be Spike Lee’s next, after Oldboy is out (it’s currently in post-production); he’ll be directing from a script penned by Patrick Massett and John Zinman.

Producers are shooting for a fall production start date. No casting yet.

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Should be a great film with Spike Lee directing it. I'm interested in seeing how he ties gold into greedy consumption by the consumer with people getting exploited to make it and the money not helping the countries overall producing it but instead a few greedy people who are pawns in the games of the west, because you know most Spike Lee films have some type of political angle to it. I willl definitely be looking foward to seeing this film.


I wonder how "gritty" will he make it? John Huston or Werner Herzog?


Finally, he gets it. To stay relevant, you've got to stay working. Balance your duds with sure hits.

Justin W

Good, glad to see that he probably stay busy for a while.


Spike is a good director so long as he doesn't write the script

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