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Tensions Rising Further In Sneak Peek Of This Week’s All-New Episode Of ‘Scandal’

Tensions Rising Further In Sneak Peek Of This Week's All-New Episode Of 'Scandal'

To paraphrase Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys, shit is about to get real. Or has it already gotten real? I don’t know Scandalistas, you tell me. I’m just going based on the clip below, which looks like some shit is about to go down.
Did she just call Olivia Pope a whore?
Here’s a sneak peek at Thursday night’s new Scandal episode:

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During the Amanda Tanner scandal, didn't Mellie tell Olivia that it happened because Olivia wasn't doing her job? Mellie did not care what the 2 of them did until she realized how Fitz felt about Olivia.


Millie needs to be brought down. Olivia is wrong for sleeping with Fitz but, don't get ot twisted. Milly married Fitz to be FLOTUS. She only worried about him when Olivia came along. Other than that she was too busy shining in the spotlight. Don't get me started the baby of the united states. You barely see her with him.

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