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Trailer For Ryan Coogler’s Celebrated Drama ‘Fruitvale Station’ Surfaces

Trailer For Ryan Coogler's Celebrated Drama 'Fruitvale Station' Surfaces

Fruitvale StationRyan Coogler’s multiple award-winning Sundance Film Festival drama, was acquired by The Weinstein Company and will be released on July 12

Based on the 2009 murder of 22-year old Oscar Grant, the film stars Michael B. Jordan, who is joined by Octavia Spencer, Kevin Durand and Melonie Diaz, with Forest Whitaker producing.

Anticipation is high for this one, and July 12 can’t come soon enough, I’m sure.

An awards season push by TWC is also very likely.

Zeba Blay reviewed Fruitvale Station for S&A after screening it at Sundance; In short, she dug it. Read that review HERE.

Not much else to say, except, get excited, because here’s your first good look at the good-looking film (you’ll find the first poster underneath as well):

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i want to see this.

Mike P.

Love the premise of the film, but I think the trailer could have been better. The shots selected convey basic urban drama with shots of the neighborhood, angry youths etc. I’d prefer more powerful dialogue and emotion as well as more intense/dramatic music. Still pumped to support the film though.


No Brainer I would be inclined to agree w/u however, lets be revisionist for arguments sake and conclude that our dear brotha had survived the catastrophic events on the night in question. Now take ur argument and propose that in front of a "jury" of his peers….

From a screenwriter standpoint letting his warts show creates a dubious, albeit flawed protagonist aching to turn his life around. Which makes him 1. relatable 2. someone to root for, but at the end of the day I think we a agree that he didnt deserve to lose his life in such a manner.


I love this trailer. The best I have seen coming from black cinema since, I can't remember.


uhhh brutha Wayne were you watching the same trailer as the rest of us… in a short span of time I witnessed him stuffing weed in his pants & being involved in a fight on the train (instigated by gang ties from the looks of it). There there, looks as if they didn't forget his sordid pecadilloes, rest easy.

Wayne Michel

I'm sure this will completely ignore the fact that Oscar Grant was a multiple time criminal, had been causing trouble that night, including violence. Certainly does not justify his unfortunately death, but let's at least be real about the type of person he was.


Great Trailer!


Wow! I got chills…can't wait.


Looks great! I'm lookin' forward to this film and The Butler.


Wow. That was intense. Kind of sad. I'll be in the theaters

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