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TRAILER: Fox’s “Walking With Dinosaurs”

TRAILER: Fox's "Walking With Dinosaurs"

After The Croods, Epic and Turbo, 20th Century-Fox has a fourth animated feature coming out during 2013 – Walking With Dinosaurs The Movie 3D. 

Directed by Barry Cook (Mulan) with documentary filmmaker  Nigel Nightengale, with animation from Australia’s Animal Logic (Happy Feet), the film is scheduled for release on December 20th. 

Disney’s Dinosaur anyone? 

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Walking with dinosaurs 3d has very good looking dinosaurs, but it is NOT Walking with dinosaurs. A new walking with dinosaurs would be filmed in nature documentary style, with at least some of the same dinosaurs from the original show with an up to date design that still retained elements of the old design such as colour and SFX etc. This isn't walking with dinosaurs, in my eyes it's just a DR spinoff with the Walking with Dinosaurs name slapped on it for attention. Tim Haines doesn't even have any input on it! Neither does Jasper James!

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