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Trailers from Hell: Josh Olson on ‘Invasion of the Bee Girls’

Trailers from Hell: Josh Olson on 'Invasion of the Bee Girls'

Femme Fatales Week! concludes at Trailers from Hell with screenwriter Josh Olson introducing “Invasion of the Bee Girls,” which centers on a bevy of sultry sirens turned mutated insect women. Trailer below is NSFW.

No, really–not B-Girls, but BEE Girls! BZZZZZZ!
“They’ll love the very life out of your body!” These women prey on the male population in this gonzo
sci fi epic, the last feature from usually sober-minded director/documentarian/Oscar
winner Denis Sanders. Reissued as Graveyard Tramps(!). The full movie can be
seen at the Internet Archive. (

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Come on, Brian. It's called INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS – whaddya expect, Disney?

Cool drive-in flick, too.


The NSFW marker should be in the header and not where it is. I thought that "NSFW," placed where it is, referred to the film in the Internet Archive, and not the trailer. It definitely refers to the trailer.

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