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TV One Announces New Docu-series ‘Fatal Attraction’ Hosted By Lynn Whitfield

TV One Announces New Docu-series 'Fatal Attraction' Hosted By Lynn Whitfield

When something works, why change it. These so-called docu-series have been TV One’s most successful in recent years, from Unsung, to Find Our Missing, so it should be no surprise that they continue to add to their docu-series library.

Here’s a new one, titled Fatal Attraction, which premieres Monday, June 3, 9PM/ET, via press release from TV One:

The series will be narrated by Lynn Whitfield, and will explore the devastating consequences when all-consuming romantic passion erupts with such intensity that ordinary people commit unthinkable and criminal acts in the name of love.

Driven by powerful real-life stories, Fatal Attraction weaves together intimate first person interviews, evocative cinematography, and exclusive interrogation footage. Each episode opens with a shocking crime and then flashes back through reenactments to the beginning of the incident providing viewers a glimpse into the dark heart of a dangerous romance.

“We’ve enjoyed strong viewer response to our roster of docu-series and we believe Fatal Attraction will continue to captivate that viewer interest,” remarked Tia Smith, executive in charge of production for TV One. “Given the propensity of love-gone-wrong stories in today’s news cycle, the series taps into an unfortunate, but timely trend, illustrating the power of misguided passion.”

From the makers of Snapped, TV One’s newest docu-series Fatal Attraction is produced by Jupiter Entertainment.  Credits from Jupiter Entertainment include co-executive producer, Todd Moss and executive in charge of production, Harrison Land. Kaye Zusmann serves as executive producer and executive in charge of production for TV One is Tia Smith.

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Devon Willis

Can u please tell me when The Michael Brooks Story on Fatal Attraction,(TvOne) aires???

charles biagas

I really like the docu-series fatal attraction that comes on tv1 I have been telling other people to watch it but it comes on to late I all so missed a couple of series I would like to see them all I see you have a on line to see documentaries what web site can I tune in to ,to see fatal attraction that has aired on tv1


The preview of the episode which airs Monday is played by Mikey Fisher. He is an up and coming actor from the Nashville area. I went to school and church with him and his family. He is a great guy and an amazing actor.


OMG. I saw the commercial last night for this on TV ONE. Is that Henry Louis Adams in this. This is going to be good…


i think u are getting allot of traffic through google alerts. That is how I found your blog. I hope the show is good. I am familar with the actor in the promo.


@careycarey, He is real actor. Google him. He is known mostly on the Christian side. That is why you have probally never heard of him. "just sayin". Nice article.


@Carey @Jmac – "suspicious" comments deleted.


Hold up, besides me and Jmac, who's falling for these "suspicious" comments? I mean, could Suzanne, Allison, Amy, Cryastal and Kendra be ol'boy's sisters – or his chicks on the side? I don't know but something stinks in the old hen house.

Then again, I could be out of the loop 'cause I've heard of Louis Armstrong and Henry Louis Gates, but Henry Louis Adams does not ring a bell. So I wish one member of the his gang of 5 would come back and tell us what's really going on?

But wait… nawl… I shouldn't go here, but… could the fan base of "5" actually be the "ONE" – and only – Henry Louis Adams? Hmmmm…


I will watch. I know this actor and will support.


Sure he is, lol. Next time don't be so transparent. It's pathetic and never works.


I guess she did such a great job in "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" that they wanted her to be attached to this.


Reminds me of what the Investigation Discovery and the Biography Channels are already cranking out…to death (hehe, lame). But, I'm always glad to see Lynn Whitfield working. Glad that it's not a reality show.

David Smith

How come all or virtually all the couples featured are black?

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