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TV SPOTLIGHT: The Hub’s “SheZow” trailer

TV SPOTLIGHT: The Hub's "SheZow" trailer

They say “any publicity is good publicity” – Hasbro’s low-rated kids cable channel The Hub is getting finally getting noticed for something more than it’s remake of My Little Pony

Starting next Saturday, the network will debut SheZow, a new super hero. Secretly he’s a 12-year-old boy named Guy, who uses a magic ring to transform himself into a costumed crime fighter. With three magic words, “You go girl!” Guy becomes SheZow – a kick-ass female super hero!

The buzz has already started – The LA Times had a huge front page article in yesterday’s Business section and parents groups are showing concern about a transgendered superhero. 

Here’s the trailer:

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And here I'd thought that he was dressing in drag, which would be worse for a kids show than educating them on something that exists, whether their parents accept them or not. Kids don't need to know about guys who enjoy that until later, when their neighbors walk outside like that.

Nic Kramer

Something tells me this isn't going to last too long on The Hub considering how overly sensitive some parents are.

Alex D.

This cartoon has been in development since back when Disney Channel had the pilot program "Shorty McShort Shorts", and the show got quite a buzz when it started airing in Austrailia, and it became popular online, but for all the wrong reasons.
I got to see it myself. It's alright. It invokes a lot of gender stereotypes as a source of comedy, though.

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