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Tyler Perry’s ‘The Haves And The Have Nots’ Is OWN’s Highest Rated Series Debut Ever!

Tyler Perry's 'The Haves And The Have Nots' Is OWN's Highest Rated Series Debut Ever!

I’m actually not at all surprised. Certainly there was a lot of curiosity, at least, even if it wasn’t pure interest in the content. I was just curious to see it all for myself, even though I didn’t tune in, because I was busy with something else.

Series premieres of new programs tend to be strong, as the strength of the content itself (and/or its appeal to its target audience), as well word-of-mouth, then determines whether those premiere ratings numbers hold up in successive weeks, for the rest of the season. 
Per press release from OWNthe debut episode of Tyler Perry’s new original drama series The Haves and the Have Nots last night, drew 1.77 million viewers total, making it the highest rated series debut in network history.

OWN premiered two back-to-back episodes; the first attracted 1.77 million total viewers for the premiere at 9 pm, building to over 1.8 million viewers tuning in for the second episode at 10 pm. 

So is this a “hit” for OWN and Tyler Perry? We’ll find out in the next few weeks. It’s obviously a strong debut, as expected.

Tonight (Wednesday, May 29) marks the premiere of Tyler Perry’s new comedy series Love Thy Neighbor, also with two back-to-back episodes, each a half-hour, from 9-10 p.m. The series is set at The Love Train Diner, a family run restaurant where every day the menu serves up good food, great laughs, valuable life lessons and a whole lot of love.  Diner owner and feisty family matriarch Hattie Mae Love (Patrice Lovely) has her hands full not only managing her customers but her family drama, too.

I expect tonight’s premiere to score high numbers as well.

If you haven’t shared your thoughts on The Haves And The Have Nots, join the ongoing conversation HERE.

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Cathy wright

I luv the have and have nots can’t wait till Jeffery finally tells his mother off.


Some pretty awful acting. Where did they get these people?


Interesting characters and plot, good soap opera acting especially from the main character Candace played by Tika Sumpter. I was quickly hooked and have my DVR set nd waiting for more drama on the week to come;=)

I think if I can be patient "Love Thy Nieghbor" may grow on me but for now it's just not doing it it's a bit generic and still puts me in mind of Tyler Perry's stage plays. It may be something as simple as the horrible lighting that is actually noticed on both shows…I don't know what that's about but it compromises the quality of the show for me as the viewer.






on will smith's seemingly strategic


Does anyone know what it cost to produce each episode?


I think someone mentioned earlier on this board that Oprah was going to appeal to a black American audience in order to save her network and that's exactly what's she's doing. Despite what people say about Tyler Perry he has a brand and his audience usually supports his work this show success is not a surprise.

Sweet G

This show was awful. Bad acting, writing, music and dialogue. It was so bad I couldn't tell was decade the characters were in. Tyler Perry needs to produce and not write and direct at all.

I will say this though, it was funny as hell.

Mark & Darla

Tell me Tambay why do keep repeating 'let's see how Tyler immediate hit holds up next week or next month.

Your statement remind me of a happy cancer patient in remission for one day but you Tambay you is the little devil on the patient shoulder repeating 'let's see it might come back next week, next month so don't get to happy'.


I watched the first episodes of Love Thy Neighbor. That first episode was so offensive! Especially the grandmother. I need to go to church and repent after watching that! The second episode was a little better. I'm sure it will do fine but that grandmother needs to be toned down. Not even Thelma Harper was that crass on Momma's Family.

that dude

Thank you to the poster who put in the launch numbers for Tyler's TBS shows. It would great to have some more context, like launches of scripted shows on BET, TV One and scripted shows on female skewing networks to have a sense of context.

The bottom line is that OWN is, show by show, turning into a black network. All of their hit shows are black.

Tyler delivers an audience. But will Oprah work with any other producers of scripted content besides him?


I'm watching tonight's episode, and I'm not really feeling it. I will try and catch next weeks, but just not feeling it.


Great for Oprah and TP. From what O hear a lot of people really liked the show. Looks like another hit show for TP.


I seriously doubt that Oprah Winfrey can look at herself in the mirror and say that she absolutely loves these new shows. I don't see it. I'm sure she's thinking strictly about pulling in an audience to save her network, and that's fine with me. But she needs to stop pretending that she thinks these are the greatest shows on the planet. Surely she can't believe that. Oprah in the past would probably be calling out Tyler Perry and these shows for their representations of women and their other problems. But she's trying to save her network and Tyler's there to help. Like you said Tambay we'll see whether the ratings hold up during the season. *Vomit*


Um…1.7mil is extremely LOW, especially for a TP sitcom. To give you some perspective, FOR BETTER OR WORSE debuted with 3.4mil viewers…and that was considered low then. HOUSE OF PAYNE debuted with 5.2mil and MEET THE BROWNS had 4.2mil.


TP does it again. His new show tonight will get high ratings as well.


I'm glad it done well, and I hope Love Thy Neighbor is a big hit too. I wish no failure amongst our people even though I'm not a big fan of TP and OW, every now and than, I find something I like. So Kudos to them.

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