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Watch Andre Braugher & Terry Crews In First Trailer For FOX’s Comedy ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Watch Andre Braugher & Terry Crews In First Trailer For FOX's Comedy 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

FOX has set Tuesdays at 8:30 pm to air its new cop comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this fall. 

Andre Braugher and Terry Crews co-star, alongside Andy Samberg in the project from Mike Schur/Dan Goor, directed by the co-directors of 21 Jump Street (the movie) – Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

The comedy centers on a diverse group of detectives in a New York City police precinct.

Samberg plays the lead detective, while Braugher is Captain Holt, described as a 30-year veteran of the New York City police force. Holt has finally gotten his own command and he’s not going to let anyone, especially Samberg’s character, mess it up. 

And Terry Crews plays a character named Terry Jeffords, described as “the no-nonsense but father-like sergeant who runs the detective squad.

Braugher has had a tough time in TV land. Let’s hope this one lasts longer than the last new series he starred in, did.

A first trailer for the series has debuted and is embedded below:

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Miles Ellison

This looks like an inferior version of The Unusuals. Braugher and Crews lend this some respectability. Having 2 people from SNL removes it. Samberg is a K-Mart Adam Sandler.


Lovin' Braugher. Lovin' Crews. As for Samberg, I'll have to keep telling myself "He's an ACTOR playing a ROLE. He's an ACTOR playing a ROLE" Though I hope, like previous post that they tone him down some. Great trailer.


Man, they have Armisen on here too.

I can't tell much from the preview. I wish they would let Braugher loose with the comedy instead of making his comedy the deadpan kind.

If this show doesn't work, Braugher needs to create his own series. He has too much talent to have to start over on a new show almost every season.


Some funny moments … I could possibly enjoy this if they tone Sandberg down a bit. I'm with other commenters who want a win for Braugher … he's such a good actor & deserves to be on a hit show.

Geneva Girl

I like all of the actors except for Samberg. Were it without him, I'd be more intrigued. His character seems annoying. I'd love for Braugher to get a hit, but this looks iffy.


I dunno…


So, it's the Police Office.

I need a fucking Andre Braugher win! I need him on TV forever.


I love Andre Braugher and Terry Crews. Despite my dislike for Samberg, I'm in….at least for the first episode.


I like it. Looks like it could possibly employ a few blacktors during its run…plus for us right?

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