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Watch: Are The ‘Iron Man 3’ End Credits Actually Good Or Completely Out Of Place?

Watch: Are The 'Iron Man 3' End Credits Actually Good Or Completely Out Of Place?

By now, you’re likely part of the group of everyone on the planet who went to see “Iron Man 3” last weekend. And while we broke down what we liked, and what we didn’t about the third installment in our “Iron Man 3” feature yesterday, the bottom line us that, for the most part, we really enjoyed the movie. But these closing credits are a pretty good reminder of just how messy Marvel movies in general can be.

With the movie ending on a bit of a melancholy note (no spoilers), and with Tony Stark wrapping things up in a pretty hasty, we-really-need-to-tie-this-up voiceover, “Iron Man 3” then explodes into a pretty obnoxious, jazzhands, disco freakout credit sequence that is tonally out of whack with everything else. But maybe it’s in super-overdrive, skullfuck mode because you’ll be sitting around for five more minutes waiting for the obligatory post-credits scene? We suppose Marvel has got to keep you glued to your seat somehow. Anyway, watch them below and let us know your verdict.

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The credits were a lot of fun.. and disco? Are you serious? Disco?!?! If you think that's disco then you wouldn't know it if it fell on your cock.

In addition, judging from the quality of the 'article' (in my world it's a substandard blog post) you need to check yourself before commenting.


The end credits were great!

William Michals

I thought the end credits were obnoxious and indeed out of place. At first I thought they were ironic, but apparently they were serious. Seriously goofy, at least. I was pretty turned off by them.


"…the bottom line us that, for the most part, we really enjoyed the movie. But these closing credits and are a pretty good reminder…"
Maybe you should try double-checking your writing before posting it.


I f'in loved the credits. Brought me back to childhood, was visually appealing, and was just a fun vibe. I wish more movies had scenes like that. Reminded me of when 24 brought back the split screen.


No, he led something on as a matter of fact, if you watched closely Tony Stark was talking to Bruce Banner (aka hulk) it was showing that they have been friends because they still keep in touch, relatively so they are saying that they are making an Avengers 2


I don't see the song as tonally different whatsoever, and it tonally paired up nicely with the goofy tone and atmosphere of the film. The last line of the movie was I am Iron Man, just as it is for the first one. In terms of a trilogy, Tony has had a complete arc, and has completely grown as a character, hence more time out of the suit. They didn't include moments from the past movies just for shits and giggles. Also if you stayed for the after credits scene, i.e. most people, you should have noticed it said Tony Stark will return, not Iron Man.


The end credits were great and reminded me of the old Magnum PI, A-Team, or Riptide credits. Just wish the rest of the movie was as good.


Plus compare these to the first Iron Man credits and it's not even close to as cool; didn't try to do something innovative to salvage that mess of a movie.


oh for fuck's sake. they're awesome.
pretty sure someone as talented as shane black is aware they're a slight tonal shift. he's asking you to go with it and enjoy.
but yeah screw him for putting a fun credit sequence at the end of an action movie.


They make me think of an old TV serial. Maybe that's the point.


Thanks for saying this. They are neat on their own, but tonally in a different universe from the end of IM3.

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