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Watch Episode 1 Of New Web Series ‘Heartbreak’ From S&A Contributor Masha Dowell

Watch Episode 1 Of New Web Series 'Heartbreak' From S&A Contributor Masha Dowell

Filmmaker, actress, and S&A contributor Masha Dowell has created rom-com webseries titled Heartbreak-The Series – her 2nd new media project. 

Her first webseries Telecommuters was an official selection at the 2012 New Media Festival in Los Angeles.

Heartbreak-The Series stars Masha Dowell, Roger Payano, Monique Nicole and Marjuan Canady.

The project was executive produced by Masha Dowell for Global Culture Films, and co-produced by Nicolle M. Whalen for Nhizwill Productions, and Rosalind Jackson, for Wordy Girl Entertainment.  

The projects synopsis reads:

Sasha McDougal is in love, with her life. The thing is, she doesn’t know it yet. You see, first she has to go through a terrible heartbreak, and then meet up with the love of her life; herself.

The webseries premiered on May 1st via the series site at

You can learn more about the series, and follow its preogress at

Watch episode 1 below:

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I watched what I thought was episode one but was really episode two. Not good. :(


Congratulations Marsha, is there anything you'd like to say to the crowd?

Masha: "WOW!… Just freakin' WOW! First I am so HAPPY that you guys are even commenting on my webseries. Yeah, it's great, the beginning of any journey is NOT easy. But who would have thought I'd topple Scandal and Tyler Perry's Haves Nots posts? Just freakin' WOW.

If I can, I'd like to thank some of my fans. I wouldn't be here without the help of Nadia, Akimbo, The Brainer, Mawon, Turner, Truth, Adam "it's too hot up in here" Thompson and LOVESFILMNMUSIC. Without them by my side I could not have won this Up In The Club Award. But I have to admit I do need some work, help, or whatever — but I'm making it happen! And just think, there's not many people who can say they received more votes than Usher, Mike Tyson, TLC and the whole cast of "Peeples" so I'm freaking loving my journey. Have an awesome May guys!!!!!"


I liked it! Cute!


While I commend Ms. Dowell on getting her own webseries going – in the meta tradition that's running hard right now – I must admit that I'm concerned with this first episode.

The title poster wasn't my worry so much as the running time. 12 minutes-plus is a stretch if the storytelling isn't solid. That first impression was confirmed with the actual setup: I found it wandered/plateaued too soon with each "scene," without the beats or tone (right now) that defines this specific story.

While the chemistry between the cast seems good, their natural conversation didn't necessarily translate into great, sharp dialogue. The standard 2-shot composition choices (right now) kind of demand it.

Plus I just don't get the/her stakes on screen even told they're told to me in extensive voiceover. I'll give the series more time as well. Meanwhile I'll get in deep with my fellow commenters' thoughts. Thanks again for sharing – and doing.

Adam Scott Thompson

*Samuel L. Jackson voice* CHILL!!! It's too hot up in here. lol


@NoBrainer… the truth hurts! As Lauren put it: "Sometimes the poster says it all" That shot screams poor production value! Viewer Beware! And you're correct in saying encouraging mediocrity stunts growth. Tambay even suggested in another post that perhaps black filmmakers here should adopt the Nollywood paradigm! Is he kidding? That's like taking singing lessons from Niki Minaj! Their movies suck! Yup, it's great to be supportive to genuine talent and it's another to hand out a black pass. That's as bad as promoting kids year after year who can't read. Who does that help?


Akimbo, be careful following NOBRAINER, you might end up meeting The Mad Hatter. You do know (don't you) the Queen of Hearts at her celebration, she sentenced him to death for "murdering the time".

Now let that sink in but check this out. When you said "@No Brainer, EXACTLY", what exactly where you championing? Surely you know Mr. No Brainer made my point, right? Well, let me go back. Read it here and you will find it fair–> "this forum is not the place for a detailed, step by step, critical analysis of a 12 minute web-series." That process requires an in-depth conversation WITH the director/writer. Furthermore… " there's over 10 minutes of dialog in this episode so what LINE(or LINES) needs to be tighter?… and what exactly does "tighter" mean? The same goes for the words "focused" and "less repetitive"… exactly WHAT, exactly WHEN, EXACTLY WHERE… and how?"

Now listen Akimbo, I believe you made you move too soon because NOBRAINER used over 300 words to explain his interpretation of the word "tighter". THREE HUNDRED WORDS on the word "tighter", alone. Okay, for argument sake, lets say we swallowed all of his mentor's suggestions. But now, where do we apply those film-school 101 theories?

STOP!!! I've already laid that on the floor–> "there's over TEN MINUTES of dialog in this episode so what LINE (OR LINES) needs to be "tighter"?

Now surely Ms. Akimbo, you can't run from the truth? The truth being, you and No Brainer's blanket suggestions were so ambiguous they're worthless. I am saying…. ONE MO' TIME… that process of giving an in-depth critique/feedback/criticism which is designed to help the artist, would be the most productive if given in an in-depth conversation WITH the director/writer.

I believe the people behind the "favorable" comments knows that's true. Consequently, we feel words of encouragement is apropos for this forum. But you know what, it's all good because Masha already said what many have apparently missed–> "I do need some work, help, or whatever, the beginning of any journey is NOT easy — but I'm making it happen! And I'm freaking loving my journey. Have an awesome May guys!!!!! xoxo ~ MASHA DOWELL



"In fact, most of the indie films discussed on this blog are pretty lame to me."

That tells me all I need to know about where you're coming from.

"I can't. I can't read anymore of the people's encouragements, exposing their infantile taste in movies. " "Film further complicates things for us when you have to consider cinematography, acting, editing, sound design, music, etc. We just don't get it.

So you are Roger Ebert now, and want to wax poetic about the finer points of cinema that all Black people apparently don't get because not everyone is trashing a 10 minute video. Under the guise of how Black people need to do better.

Go sit your silly behind down, through with you.

@MAWON: You sound p'od that folks have a different opinion than yours cuz your 12 minutes out of your life was so precious. You have spent more of your invaluable time in this thread then it took for you to watch the video.

"And you can't get mad at people for commenting more on bad shit." Who is "mad" about you showing your propensity for crudeness? The issue appears that "mad' is the default emotion for some of you on here and you get even more p'od when others don't share your sentiments and join the bitchfest.

Through with you also, because this is turning more into a peanut gallery exhibit re: you, et al and less about Masha's video. Twelve minutes out of my life is invaluable and precious to me as well.


I can't. I can't read anymore of the people's encouragements, exposing their infantile taste in movies.

I agree with AKIMBO. I'm betting all the scenes were improvised. I hope so. Even though it was poorly improvised scenes, I would hate to think someone actually sat down and wrote this gibberish. So, being poorly executed improvisation is a compliment to the filmmaker, my only one. I also agree that nothing seemed to happen, my biggest problem with this piece or anything like it. I could allow the flat, uninteresting cinematography. I could live with the bad sound quality. But I will not tolerate uneventful scenes, at which point it's not a scene anymore but part of a sequence that SHOULD end contrary to the beginning. Let's say the episode was one whole sequence. That could work. But even if that were true for this piece, still, nothing happen in the end.

Now why should I want to tune in for the next episode? There is the set-up for why the protagonist went to jail, but no set-up remotely indicating to us how or why. So, the experience for me was a snooze-fest. I was ready to sleep on it, literally. And oh yeah, the sound was bad.

The performances were okay. Her sister is kinda hot. But the performances were not good enough. Better writing could've taken it up to the next level.

Oh, and I lied, I suppose. I do have another compliment. The music. Your composer is your strongest link.

Someone on this blog asked, are black people thirsty for anything with black people in it? I replied that we are thirsty. But then one can argue that black people are not cultivated enough when it comes to story, whether it's in books, TV, movies, etc. Film further complicates things for us when you have to consider cinematography, acting, editing, sound design, music, etc. We just don't get it.


I'm laughing at two-faced ass Blutopaz lecturing folk about being " negative and ugly". Bitch please! Pot calling kettle like a MF! LOL!!


You need to fire whoever did the sound. It was pretty bad and it distracted me most of the time. Maybe put in some music or sound effects or anything because one of my pet peeve is when there just static and dialogue. I can actually hear static cut off during the whip cream scene when it's someone else turn to speak (I think I even heard a pop somewhere in the video). It's so distracting. And the pointless scene where the two women are stretching? Yeah, I'mma need you to get that background noise under control. It competes with the dialogue. Put the city noise in manually or something. Sound to me it one of the most important aspects and I if it's off, the whole film looks (and sounds) unrealistic.


Sometimes the poster says it all…


Damn, man. Are our standards really that low that we're happy just cause one of us made something? This ain't the worst web series I've seen, but y'all know this ain't good. Are we really that thirsty as a people?

I will say the dialogue and acting shows potential- writing wise. Everything else like plot and production, and basic concept.. c'mon, man. Seriously, why are y'all defending this so hard? It's patronizing. Anybody with a cheap HD camera and movie maker can make something if y'all haven't noticed. There's nothing special about that. But not everyone can make art our of it. We are a talented people. We don't need to be coddled.


I watched this yesterday and like all webseries/tv shows, I, and I am suggesting that 'you' do the same, have to watch a couple more webisodes before there can be an honest critique.

I need to see the building of the characters and story. I get the plot. So I will not give a critique… I will say, "Masha, great start."


Congrats Masha!!!!!


I enjoyed this, the dialogue is very natural and the acting is good. I would have edited the whipped cream scene though, made it shorter.

It takes major courage to put yourself out there like this, a lot of people don't have the cojones to do that. One of the first things I learned in design school during critiques is either back up your opinions with observations that reference technique, or you're blowing hot air. Great that you seem thick skinned and are keeping it moving!

Also looking forward to see how wack it gets with Eric.


Congrats Masha… Keep pushing. I support your movement. The key is building and bettering your last efforts!


This was like a letter to grandma laid over a series of poorly improvised scenes. There's no story and the opportunity to tell an interesting one (how she got arrested) was completely glossed over. No reason for this to be so long when nothing happens.

Masha Dowell

WOW! First I am so HAPPY that you guys are even commenting on my webseries. I am reading all comments. I don't judge any of you — b/c I don't even know who you are. But as long as my name talked about… I LOVE IT. The beginning of any journey is NOT easy. I do need some work, help, or whatever — but I'm making it happen! And I'm freaking loving my journey. Have an awesome May guys!!!!! xoxo – MASHA DOWELL

Mark & Darla

Love, love, love this, so charming. Only thing missing in the whip cream scene are strawberries, good job Masha.


I have to totally disagree with Nadia's comment.

Since Masha's arrival here at S&A I've watched her grow as an interviewer. In respect to her film-making career (and as an actress), I now can say the same. I watched her first webseries "Telecommuters", although it held promise, this one trumped that project in every area of the film-making process.

Let me count the ways:

1. The narration was witty and apropos. And Masha's voice was "easy" (pleasant to listen to).

2. The opening credits & music were engaging (well done)… Shasha opens: "That me meditating. Don't judge me, this is my church"… I got that line. Some folks say they are in their closet. It's speaking to a church reference of a place where one goes to reflect and do a little soul searching. Her words and the accompanying music set a nice tone.

3. All the actors were convincing. In particular, Masha (imo) has come a long way. She stayed in character and she didn't over act. Since she is the writer and director, that's an enviable task. Frequently the writer/director is ahead of a scene, so they can't settle into the role of the actor (just be the actor for that moment in time).

4. This film may not be for the Tyler Perry crowd nor the Jump The Broom folks, but I caught the subtle references. Well, maybe they were not subtle, but reference a Marlon Brando movies takes many off the table. And speaking of that movie, it gets a little deeper. The Last Tango In Paris received an X-Rating for sexual violence and emotional turmoil. But when Shasha and Eric were "considering" getting all nasty and thangs, I was all in. I mean, I have to be honest, I thought Shasha was about to breakout a little skin :-). Nawl, I'm just kidding but they did peak my interest.

5. I respect Masha's courage to post her "Mugshot" without makeup. I also applaud the message in the words of Kenya. Shasha was complaining about not being a size 2. Kenya said "Look at me, I'm not a size 2 but I still got it going on. Screw what everyone else thinks"

So Masha, that's my message to you. I think you got it going on (in this webseries), so screw what someone else thinks. Keep on coming and don't look back.


Sorry but this was really boring. I checked out after 2 minutes.


I guess one of the perks of contributing to S&A is that your work gets coverage even if it's weak as hell! Masha, honey, back to the drawing board. You've got to up your game to compete.

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