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Watch: Everything Is On Tape In First Trailer For ‘Closed Circuit’ Starring Eric Bana & Rebecca Hall

Watch: Everything Is On Tape In First Trailer For 'Closed Circuit' Starring Eric Bana & Rebecca Hall

It’s going to be a long summer of explosions, CGI and dick jokes, as your stomach sours from too much buttery popcorn and your brain hurts from endless 3D spectacles. But capping off the season will be a movie that will hopefully have some smarts, and it at least promises some strong talent in a compelling picture. 

The first trailer has landed for “Closed Circuit,” and it brings a script penned by “Eastern Promises” scribe Steve Knight and has John Crowley (“Boy A“) directing. Eric Bana and Rebeca Hall take the lead playing two ex-lovers and lawyers who are tasked with defending someone accused of setting off a bomb in downtown London in a terrorist case. But it’s far from an open and shut case. There’s certainly some strong talent here (Riz Ahmed, Jim Broadbent, Ciarán Hinds, Julia Stiles) but we really hope this trailer just didn’t explain the whole plot, but it seems there are more than a couple twists revealed here.

Anyway, we’re eager to see it nonetheless. “Closed Circuit” arrives on August 28th.


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Looks much better than what i expected for a movie that opens in the last weekend of august. Wish they made the trailer a bit shorter with less dialogue. Too talky to draw audience's attention.


Looks ok, just a shame I have to wait until November to see it in the UK.


Yup, not watching that trailer.


I'd have seen this based on the cast, screenwriters and the plot description. I didn't need the whole damn thing spread out in front of me or spoon-fed like pablum. Why go to the trouble of making an intelligent thriller if you don't trust your audience to have the intelligence to follow along? I'm just going to stop watching trailers.


they blew up Borough Market?!?! Bastards!!!

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