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Watch: First Trailer For Sci-Fi ‘Ender’s Game’ Starring Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley & Asa Butterfield

Watch: First Trailer For Sci-Fi 'Ender's Game' Starring Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley & Asa Butterfield

Sci-fi is a hard sell, generally speaking, at the box office, even if it’s based off a beloved book like Orson Scott Card‘s “Ender’s Game.” However, those who have actually read the novel have been wondering just how it will translate onto the big screen? It’s not necessarily the most action-driven piece of writing, and the concept is pretty ambitious. Can Hollywood make it work, even while filling all the requirements of the four quadrant tentpole? Well, the first trailer is here to perhaps answer that question.

Starring Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin, Viola Davis and Ben Kingsley as the righteously named (and tattoed) Mazer Rachkham, the movie finds the Earth at war with an insectoid race named the Formics, and follows Ender, one of a group of children being trained to be military commanders. On the plus side, it certainly looks like no expense was spared in conjuring up this world for the multiplex. On the downside, it’s coming from director Gavin Hood, whose last effort was the universally derided “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

So, does he pull it off? Watch, tell us below and see the movie on November 1st.

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Yeah, not really liking this trailer at all–the book is best when it's about gifted children, their fears/hang-ups/friendships/teamwork and the strategizing involved in the battle-room. It's also an excellent character piece. This trailer seems to put all the focus on space battles, special effects, and adult movie stars, when it should be more like Lord of the Flies or something and tightly focused.


Book was lame for many reasons, largely because Ender was an invincible protagnoist. Had no flaw, no area of insecurity. Just won – always. His "flaw" was the ire he inspired in his peers, because he constantly bested them


I hate all the "Academy Award Nominee" tags. A movie like this doesn't need it. It's not Oscar bait. It's not Lincoln. It's not gonna get kids more interested. What'd make more sense is "Harrison Ford of Star Wars" and "Ben Kingsley of Iron Man 3." That's playing to the intended audience.

tristan eldritch

ha, at least Harrison dialed the right number when he PHONED that narration in. Hasn't sounded that energized since the Bladerunner voice-over. Or indy 4.


The most exciting thing on the trailer is the change of font in the MPAA warning.


I don't understand why or how this no name director got the gig.


I adored this series as a kid, but I don't think it's going to translate to film well at all.


It looks pretty good in my opinion. Good acting & good visual.

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