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Watch: Four New Clips From ‘Arrested Development’ Find Gob Tending Bees and Lindsay Letting Go of Material Things

Watch: Four New Clips From 'Arrested Development' Find Gob Tending Bees and Lindsay Letting Go of Material Things

This Sunday, May 26 at 12:01am PT, 15 new episodes of “Arrested Development” go live on Netflix, and plenty of people are ready to settle in for hours and binge-watch the lot of them, show creator Mitchell Hurwitz’s advice to the contrary be damned. Until then, though, Netflix has been pretty stingy about the details of the new season, with cast members like Jessica Walter watching their words when talking about the installments and the trailer foremost serving as a reminder that all of the main characters are returning. The company released four new short clips today, which you can watch below, and while they don’t offer much more by way of hints about what’s to come, they provide an assurance that the show’s sense of humor hasn’t gotten any less odd in its time off the air.

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These clips make me so ecstatic for the new season! I'm excited to start watching them, but I have to wait till I'm up to speed on the older seasons first. Luckily, a good buddy from my office at DISH tipped me off that reruns still air on TV all the time, so I started recording a bunch of those. And I was able to save all the episodes I needed, since my DISH Hopper DVR's memory space of up to 2,000 hours is more than enough to handle all the previous seasons and the rest of my shows.

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