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WATCH: Kristen Wiig’s Comfortable Return to SNL

WATCH: Kristen Wiig's Comfortable Return to SNL

To the delight of Saturday Night Live diehards, after leaving at the end of the last season, Kristen Wiig returned to the show to host an episode. She revived most of her staple SNL characters: the unattractive sister in a girl group on the Lawrence Welk Show, half of an unprepared singing duo on Weekend Update, a vain ex-wife in “The Californians,” Gilly, and the overly excited Target woman. 

While it was marvelous to see Wiig back on the show, the litany of these characters felt too comfortable and grew stale as the show wore on. Of course, Wiig’s talent as a comedian shined through, particularly in the fresh sketches. 

After a total flop of an intro skit (turns out the Benghazi hearings aren’t interesting, even when they’re being parodied), Wiig went with a song and dance number for her monologue. Singing a rewrite of “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters, she visited her old set and made it clear she left a lasting impression on the show. 

The highlight sketches of the evening were two original Wiig skits. Both were darker, gorier, and more understated than usual for Wiig on the show. The first parodied an annoyingly cheerful Disney Channel show in which the mother turned into a “Korean water ghost.” Playing a character reminiscent of the ghost from “The Ring,” Wiig scuttles across the ceiling and jumps out from the TV, while telling her children it might be time for bed. The other involved an acupuncturist duo, whose work goes awry. It was simple, but perfectly hilarious. 

Watch the clips below:

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This is one of my favorite episodes of the season! Kristen Wiig was always able to make me laugh when she was part of the cast, and since she hosted, it was funny seeing all of her most memorable characters. I was at DISH working the other night and didn’t want to miss it, so I set up my DVR to record SNL. I usually keep up on my TV shows while I’m cleaning the house, and having the option to pause them in the kitchen, and then continue in the living room with my DISH Hopper helps me stay productive.

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